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Saturday, 28 January 2023

No Taxation without Representation!

 Today, I reaped the benefit of about 2 years on and off painting figures for the American War of Independence/American Revolution, as we tried my new 7 Years war rules variant with about half the total figures I had painted!

For our first trial playtest game, I worked out 2 armies, and let the other players choose what they wanted. Phil got Lord Howe, Lawrence the Hessians, and I was George Washington!

As per the 7 years war, I lost initiative so had to deploy first...

I put my North Carolina Continentals on the right - with State troops and others.

I tried putting my 6 Militia Battalions in the centre, behind an earthwork, they had Virginia Continentals on their left.
My left had some riflemen, supported by New Jersey Continentals.
Lawrence's Hessian wing was on the right of the British line.
Phil massed the British on the left, he had 2 regiment of Guards and 2 Grenadier Battalions along with the 17th Light Dragoons and 2 Battalions of Light Infantry.
The Hessians stepped off, the Jagers outpacing the ponderous massed infantry!
The British first line got moving too, the Lights moved on the flanks of the regulars.
The Guards moved through the woods, unfortunately I could not contest their move!
My NJ troops moved to outflank the Hessian line, while the Riflemen filtered through the wood.
On the right, I only got some Riflemen advancing, while only 2/3 of my NC Continentals deployed out to the flank to counter the British move. My hidden 2 NC regiments stayed in the wood!
My Riflemen in the farmstead fields were supported by The German regiment and the 2nd Canadians.
Gotta love those Rag-Tag Rebels!
Lawrence sent a brigade to extend his frontage to the flank, he wanted to head off my NJ troops!
The neat Red Tide reached the fence of the Farmstead.
The 17th LD moved round looking for easy pickings!
On my left the Continentals failed to advance!
I really should have advanced the Virginia Continentals here, but hindsight is an exact art, isn't it!
My NC troops had similar problems, refusing to advance!
The clash at the farm beckoned!
My Riflemen disordered the 33rd foot!
The British crossed the fence and fired a crashing volley into my Continentals, the Riflemen had fallen back as the Lobsters advanced!
My line steadied and their return volley was equally galling!
A further volley from the Brits forced the Germans and Canadians back though.
The British shrugged off their losses!
My artillery had a minor success, destroying the battery supporting the Hessian Grenadiers!
I rallied the Canadians and Germans and pushed them back into the fray, but they received another crashing volley and broke!
They fled through their supporting State regiments, disordering them too!
The NC regiments had not stopped the Guards turning on my flank...

...so with my line about to be rolled up, I thought Washington would probably retreat at this point!

I had suffered with the dice again whereas Phil especially had a good die day, especially with his musketry!

Never mind, we will do it again next week, and I have learned some lessons! 


  1. Thanks very much, I enjoyed reading that with my morning coffee :-)

    1. Cheers Norm! Despite losing it was a fun game to play!!!