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Saturday 26 November 2022

Battleground 2022!

 Today, after a long break due to the pandemic, the Battleground show at Stockton on Tees returned, bigger and better than ever!

As ever, I took a lot of pictures (and spent a lot of money!) and have divided them into 3 sections, Traders, Re-enactors and Games.

Come, walk with me...


Colonel Bills

Dave Thomas

Andy, my mate is also a fan of ...
...their excellent figures!
Even re-enactors have wargaming needs to sate!

A rather nice display of WW2 desert tanks and guns!
These do some gorgeous models!

Pendraken Miniatures, the sponsor of this excellent show for several years!

The Bring and buy

Cozzmic cakes - and their ever present game where you shoot a Titan and eat what you hit!
Of course, you can just buy the cakes from the nice backroom staff!
The Last Valley (I always spend most of my cash here!!!)

Andy, the talented chap who makes it all!!
Suddenly all the punters were gone and I got the shot I wanted!!!
...Thanks to the helpful proprietors!!!
Graham's Wuerkshoppe

The Games:
The battle of Vicksburg (Grimsby Wargames Society)

I luv the little chuffa!
Magnus Ars De Imperatoria's Gaslight game

My own club, Tyneside Wargames club's :Battle of Bautzen 1813

There are over 10,000 figures on this table!!!
Redcar Ironbeards: Monty's attack.
Some lovely models in this game!
Our friends from Westerhope Wargames club's Wellington in India game.

...and their usual display of period weapons.

Lancaster Wargames Society's game.
Courage mes Braves, arretez les momies.
John Blenkley: Always above WW1 game.
Ah a Nieuport 17, my favourite
North Riding Wargames club: 28mm Vietnam (comlete with a couple of downed 'slicks')

Wakefield and district wargamers: Battle of Block island.

Wargames in the Dungeon - A Battle in Middle Earth.

Yorkshire Coast Wargamers: Napoleonic DBN
Dougie's Wargaming Blog: Goose Green, the Falklands 1982.
Generals and Kings: Normandy WW2

UK Fight club: Take that hill, The Battle of Donetsk airport.
Brompton Bankers: Pilgrim's progress.

Durham Wargames group: Pavia 1525

Something to do with dice: Carnevalle- blood on the water.
Lovely Paper building!!!

Lancaster Cellarmen: Never mind the Billhooks.

Prince Bishop Wargames club: Siege of Barnard Castle 1215

Stafford and District wargamers: Pony Wars

The Reenactors:

These were the East India company, Vanguard and the 68th DLI

Even they have shopping to do too!

And that's it!

Many thanks to the organisers, all the traders and the folks running the games!
Well done!


  1. A fine selection of pictures. It was a most excellent day and very busy. I was quite restrained in my purchases. The GM figures I bought are rather nice but huge compared to my Minden and Crann Tara. I can use a few as characters but they are too big to mix with the main troops.

    Nice to catch up with you today though.

  2. Thanks Andy! - I find the GM figures are a lot chunkier than my current figures. I find they are ok so long as they aren't in the same unit with another manufacturers. The Rangers I have are AB so look ok with my GM officers!
    It was, indeed, great to see you again!!!

  3. Thanks for all the work that went into this post - enjoyed.

    1. Thanks Norm! - it took a fair amount of time but I thought it all worthwhile!

  4. Great photos - you seem to have missed a few traders? Was it too busy to get round them or did you miss an aisle :-)

    1. I apologise if I missed a few, it was quite busy so I may have missed some!!!

    2. No probs - great to see somebody taking the time to photograph so much of the show.

  5. Thank you for sharing your photos, very much appreciated.
    Sadly I could not make it.


    1. Thanks Willz, It was a great show, I hope next year you can make it!!

  6. Thanks for all of the pics, always appreciated!

  7. Thanks Leon! You have a great show there, I am only glad to be able to help! I am already looking forward to next year!!!