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Saturday 10 September 2022

Brief encounter?

 Today, we had another 7 Years war game at the club, as a quick choice.

I had another disastrous set of die rolls for Initiative, with the Russians again getting Initiative, and this time getting to deploy in one of the flank sectors of the table!

The battlefield at game start.

The Russians started with their right flank (under Lawrence) deployed and ready to attack!
My Prussians deployed conventionally, I only had to hope the enemy would not advance too quickly to stop me deploying my horse to meet them.
Again, my brigadiers were quite ordinary, at least I had no Incompetents amongst them!
The Russians had a Brave and Competent officer on their deployed right cavalry wing, the best they could get!
The front rank of that wing advanced quickly, screened by the Serbski Hussars.
Much of the Russian right wing infantry advanced too, though the left wing was still only making slow progress.
The Russian left wing cavalry was on the move.
My left wing artillery fired at the advancing Hussars, but only managed to disorder them!
My right wing cavalry rolled a 1, and I only got my own Hussars advancing. Things were not going well for Frederick!
My left wing horse managed to get 2 Kuirassier regiments moving, but not quickly enough to catch those pesky Serbians!
I kept my Infantry back to allow my horse room to manoeuvre freely.
The Russian right wing cavalry were bearing down on my still manoeuvering Kuirassiers...
...Their left wing horse too was making good progress.
The Serbs tried to do a 'Light brigade' attack and ride down my guns, but my brave gunners shredded them!
Amazingly - and motivated by their commander, the survivors continued their charge and engaged one of my gun crews.
My gunners put up a good fight and killed some Hussars - but the gun was overrun.
The blown Hussars, what remained of them, still remained in place, surely they would be withdrawn?
My Kuirassiers tried to charge the Hussars, but they failed to do so!!!
My right wing horse was trying hard to get into a coherent force, but were only getting there slowly.
My Hussars were trying to catch the Russian guns before they deployed, emulating those lucky Serbs!
The Serbs now managed another charge onto my second gun, is there nothing beyond this units ability?
My Gun threw a 6, the Serbs a 2! I survived and killed the last of them!!!
The Russian Grenadiers and Musketeers engaged my Infantry and caused some loss. Unusually for me, my infantry stood!
My Hussars were charged by the Russian Kuirassiers...we lost, but my Hussars stood their ground like those Serbs!!!
The melee continued with my Hussars, but the Russians beat them badly.
A La Serb, my surviving Hussars threw a 6 for morale, meaning they retreated rather than routed!
On my right, my Heavy gun got the range...
...a Corps of Observation Grenadier battalion was hit.
My infantry in the centre fired back against the Russian Grenadiers, but less effectively than they had hit me!
My left wing Kurassiers failed to charge again!
My other regiment passed them and hit another Russian Cuirassier regiment, who against all the odds beat my men!!!
At least the routers didn't hit my Dragoons who were forming up...!
At this point, seeing how my die rolling was going, I decided the Prussians would probably retreat at this point rather than lose more men in a hopeless cause!


At Lawrence's suggestion, we continued on his wing as his Cuirassiers charged my halted Kuirassier regiment, and this time I won!!!
The Russians didn't run or retreat though!
Phil, the Russian commander, posed my offending dice next to General Piotr Saltykov, as honorary Russian generals!!!
Nuf sed!

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