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Saturday 17 September 2022

Border Reiver is back!

 Today we eschewed gaming at the club to attend the Border Reiver show at Gateshead International Stadium!

It's been over 2 years (thanks to a certain Infectious disease!!!) - since I got to go to a show so I was delighted BR is back!

The Border Reivers boys, who's show this is!

The Traders...

Some of their 'Jovian Wars' ships.

Colonel Bill's. LINK

Ah, the joys of High Vis clothing and camera flash!

This is where, as ever, I spent most of my money!!!

Something I haven't seen before, an escarpment!

Galloping Major...if you haven't guessed already!
Some of their lovely new figures, Compagnie Franche de la Marine in Capote.
Some nice ladies selling cake!

A stall selling badges (pins to our American friends)

Graham's Wuerkshoppe LINK

The Games

Forlorn Hope Wargames Group: Battlefleet Gothic.

Those are some mighty big ships!
Newcastle Warlords Battlegroup WW2
Some of their lovely German Assault guns/Tank destroyers.
Dougie Robinson - 28mm Falkland's war

Our friends at Westerhope Wargames group's WW2 Desert war.
(sorry, the flash failed!) - must be night!

Heaton Games society - Horus Age of Darkness?

South Tyneside Tabletop Wargames - Adeptus Titanicus.
South Tyneside Tabletop Wargames - Marvel Crisis Protocol.

John Blenky - Always Above WW1 Air combat.

Some of the lovely 'Wings of Glory' planes used.
My own club, Tyneside Wargames Club, and their Pirates of the Aegean game.
Very pretty!
Next to that game, they had set up a Trojan War game as well! (Flash failed here too!)
Whitley Bay 3D Wargamers 28mm Jacobite Rebellion.

Something to do with Dice- Tomb of Blood (In Her Majesty's Name)
Phil, my 7 Years War Nemesis! - and friend!
David Knight – Test of Resolve War of the Roses.

Jed and Peter from our club, joining in!
South East Northumberland Wargames Club – A Fistful of Lead Wild West.
South East Scotland Wargames Club – Sword and Spear Viking shield maidens vs Saxons.
These rules are played at our club too.
The Pit Gaming Shop – Kings of War Armada.

The Re-enactors

Dawn of Chivalry/Durham Medieval Combat Academy

And Finally...

The Flea market / Bring and Buy!

Many thanks to all the organisers and Traders for this excellent show and all their hard work, it was appreciated!

I hope and trust it will be on again next year?


  1. Thanks for all the pics. Looks quiet or was that just the time of day?

    1. Hi Norm, I noticed it was getting busier as I left, so I think it must have just been the time of day. Andy at Last Valley said it had been brisk business for him even in the quieter first hour.

  2. Preparation to go to hospital prevented my attendance, it does certainly look quiet. I can never figure out the lack of support for some of the Northern shows. I know and have seen a lot of gamers attend York, Newark etc and yet don’t go to their local show. The Newcastle show used to be really brisk even when it moved to the arena but it seems to be getting quieter.
    Some interesting traders there a few I haven’t seen before. Glad you enjoyed the visit.

    1. Sorry you weren't able to attend, hope the op goes well!
      I don't know why numbers are less nowadays, I just hope the shows keep going and people return!