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Saturday 3 September 2022

American Revolution, Black Powder style.

 Today, with our mate Lawrence still off, Phil and I were asked to join in an American War of Independence game using a modified version of Pike and Shotte.

Ian, as ever, sorted the scenario and had Phil, who has played this once, and me, a complete newbie on opposite sides, this meant there were a sprinkling of experienced players to help us with the rules.

The British would be tasked with attacking the American position, and defeating it)

(Thanks to Phil for this pic of the table before it got covered with troops)

The 'Doodles'...sorry, Americans! - would deploy on the left.

The British and Hessians would enter down the 2 roads on the right, one brigade at a time, within a foot of the roads.
My fellow British players.
The Americans, with Ian and Phil on the right.
The American right.
The American right centre.
American left centre.
The American left.
The left hand road - the 16th Light Dragoons on the road supported by Jagers , 2 British regiments and the Queens Rangers.
They advanced, allowing my 4 Hessian regiments and a medium gun on table.
On the British right some British legion horse Jagers, light infantry and infantry.
These advanced, hoping to cross the river quickly.
The Legion cavalry advanced to a ford, aiming to harass the Rebel left.
The British infantry supporting them advanced -- slowly.
On the British left, our 'advance guard' advanced!
Opposite them, 2 battalions of American Militia lined up on a fence line to resist the British advance.
The Americans, who outflanked our deployment area advanced, leaving a strong force behind the stone (A La Fredericksburg!) wall.
They reached the River easily before their crossing could be contested.
Those Militia at the fenceline began firing.
The advancing British columns were disordered and took some casualties.
My troops were held up behind the British infantry, I detached a Fusilier regiment to guard our flank in case the American light Dragoons tried to flank us.
At least the reserve British regiments were now on table!
On the American left, some troops moved to defend the river line.
They were soon engaged with the British light infantry.
Finally, the 2 Guards battalions came on table.
Under fire from Jagers, a battalion of Militia broke and ran from the fenceline.
The second soon followed (sorry for the blurred pic, I got nudged!)
On the British right, the Legion horse was repulsed from the riverline by musketry and withdrew.
The Infantry would have to force the crossing.
The British in this area were now strong enough to try forcing a crossing.
The Americans brough reserves to support their front line troops...
...who were engaging the Hessian troops leading the attack.
Back on the British left, the columns of British tried to deploy into line to face the threatening Americans.
In the centre, some regiments of British were coming through the woods.
The Guards deployed out to attack

Having seen the mass of troops enveloping the British left, my commander ordered me to withdraw to the centre and support the attack there.
Covered by the Rangers and British infantry, my Hessians moved quite quickly right!

The 16th Light Dragoons spotted Pulasky's dragoons and attacked. Against all odds, the elite British horsemen were repulsed!
The luckless British reformed and attacked a gun instead, but were crippled by cannister shot as they advanced!
The 16th broke and ran!
Having seem the British left moving to the centre, the Continentals at the stone wall began marching to the centre too...we were obviously not going to refight Breed's hill!
Those pesky Connecticut light Dragoons pushed across the river as the British left redeployed.
My men were already across the road and close to the central hill.
The British rearguard were hanging on...just.
The Light Dragoons wandered about, but were uneasy of attacking formed infantry!
Back on the British right, the 'Lobsters' got across the river as the Americans fell back.
On the British right, a regiment fled disgracefully, stalling the attack across the river.
Beaten by scruffy riflemen, no less!
On our left, the Queens Rangers and infantry were trying to retreat before they were overwhelmed.
The Americans from the wall now moved towards the centre and engaged the British infantry who had crossed the river.
I got 2 regiments deployed, but when I tried to get my Musketeers into position behind them, they 'Blundered' and advanced straight past!
On the British right, the remaining British did get across the river and advanced.
Even the Legion cavalry crossed the river as they drove the riflemen back.
It didn't last, they were routed in short order by the American horse!
In the centre, the British infantry, supported by the Guards, beat another militia battalion!
In the centre, more Continentals moved forward to secure the fenceline.
They fired and routed one of the Guards battalions!
The 'Circle of Fire' were all firing at a brave, solitary British regiment.
On the left road, the Queens Rangers had routed, but the Infantry and some loyal Militia held the flank.
On the left centre of the British line, the lone regiment finally fled...
...No surprise!
In the right centre, the 42nd Highlanders bravely advanced against 3 Continental regiments...
...they were shot to pieces and retreated!
The Americans followed up, and the 'brave' 42nd Routed too!
My line was now a straggly line, I tried 3 times to deploy my gun to support our attack  on the centre...and failed!!!
I tried to advance my infantry, needing 9 or less...
...er, 9 or less!
On our right we were having to pit single regiments against multiple opponents.
...or at best, equal odds!
The Americans were well entrenched.
Even the (rather dark grey) French advanced from the town...
... to fill in gaps!
Our left was still hanging on... but with those Continentals on their flank, for how long?

Obviously, our 'Attack' had got nowhere, so we retreated off table. It felt rather a difficult task to achieve, and the odds had been rather stacked against us.

Some crappy die rolls from us -- and good ones from the American players didn't help either, mind!!!!


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