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Saturday, 8 January 2022

Return to the Silesian front...

 Today, for the first time in a while, we had three players in our Seven Years War game.

I actually won initiative, just, though not enough to get any deployment advantages!

My (and Lawrences) Prussians. Lawrence commanded our right wing with the majority of our Kuirassiers and Grenadiers.

Phil deployed opposite, with a double line like ours, he too had his best troops opposite Lawrence.
Phil had for the first time ever, as far as we can remember had 2 'Brave, Competent' brigadiers, all the rest were Average, neither side had any Incompetents at all!!!!
I got a poor command roll, first turn, so only got my Hussars and Frei Korps moving.
Lawrence got the vast majority of his infantry advancing towards the Russians.
Opposite us, the Russian horse seemed happy to stay on their hill...
...though Phil got his Hussars and Horse Grenadiers moving.
On Phil's left, his Competent commander had no problem getting his massed Cuirassiers to deploy out. 
In the second turn, I got a Kuirassier and a Dragoon regiment out to support my 'lights'.
I advanced my foot in support of Lawrence's advancing line, though my aim was to refuse my weaker flank for as long as possible.
Lawrence had all his cavalry on the move to face the mass of Russian horse opoosite.
Facing my left wing, the whole Russian wing deployed out in support of their Serbski Hussars.
Phil, after a pause in getting his orders through, got the Russian roller advancing, all four brigades in a long line.
The Russian left soon got to musket range of Lawrence's advanced brigades.
His second line wing regiment, together with a heavy battery, formed out to threaten Lawrence's Kuirassiers, he clearly still doubted his Russian Cuirassiers ability to win despite their greater numbers!
Phil's left wing was now deployed, behind their protective infantry and artillery.
Phil's Russian infantry damaged one of Lawrences advance infantry.
The Prussian return fire only disordered one Russian Battalion!
On my wing, HR1 moved forward to attack the Serbs opposite...
Behind them, my heavy horse was still sorting themselves out!
The Serbs charged and my Hussars also failed to face them, disgracefully falling back instead!
As the Serbs rallied forwards, my Hussars tried to charge them again, but they were now terrified and refused!
My left wing brigade failed to get an order to stand and face the advancing Corps of Observation and rather shamefacedly withdrew instead!
The Russian Grenadiers now wiped out my guns, who had got left behind by my infantry's precipitate withdrawal!
However, on our right, Lawrence's massed horse moved forward, supported by the old Potsdammer Grenadier regiment, IR6!
Lawrences guns tried to stop them, but missed.
Back with Lawrences' advanced brigades, the Russians closed to short range and blasted the Prussian infantry.
One regiment retreated through the second line, the other stood bravely.
Steadying themselves they returned a crashing volley of their own.
The Russians fell back through their second line. the next Russian regiment was also heavily hit, but held their ground bravely.
Lawrence's Kuirassiers now engaged their Russian counterparts...
...Only the exhortations of their Brave, Competent brigadier stopped the Russians from breaking!
The Serbski hussars now charged my edgy Hussars, this was not going to end well...
The Serbs won easily... what would happen now?
At least the Russian heavies couldn't benefit from the situation!
Lawrence's guns and infantry were now taking a heavy toll on the Russians facing them.
As an aside, some of Phil's Grenadiers spotted my Frei Korps lurking in the woods, and fired a volley in, which did no damage...
...My Frei Korps returned fire, and did rather better!!!
My infantry facing the Corps of Observation took some casualties but bravely held.
Phil also fired a new regiment into Lawrence's pursuing infantry.
Lawrence's men returned fire with another crashing volley!- another regiment fell back in disorder, badly shot up!
Next to them Lawrence's other front line regiment destroyed the Russians opposite them, a single stand survived to run away!
Despite their Brave commander, the Russian Cuirassiers finally disintegrated.
On my flank, as expected, my Hussars routed!
The Serbs pursued into my Kuirassiers, and bounced off!
At this point, Phil now called the retreat, his successes on my wing could not make up for the smashed regiments on his left. Another Prussian victory, but very hard earned against those tough Russians! 


  1. A great looking game and both sides seemed to have some wins and loses, so satisfying for all players involved hopefully.

    1. Indeed Rross! - I had the usual bad die rolling to contend with but Lawrence pulled our fat from the fire!