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Saturday 29 January 2022

A clean sweep

 Today, Lawrence chose to do Star Wars skirmishing, a surprise to be sure as he isn't really in to Star Wars!

None the less, I set up a simple Clone Wars scenario, as it has a nice mix of heroes and enemies.

We chose forces, I took Ahsoka Tano, Phil, a squad of Clone Commandos, and Lawrence a squad of Clones commanded by Captain Rex.

Our mission was to clear the area of Separatist forces.
As commander, I ordered Rex to take the clones wide left, and the leader of the Commandos, (Lawrence asked Phil for a name, and he suggested)- Hal Werkhonit- would take the right and we would join forces on the other side of town.
I decided to accompany the Clones.
Hal sent a Commando forward to scout out their route round the town.
A couple of Portal Markers I had placed around the town to generate hostile forces were able to see us, and activated.
As the Commandos worked through some brush, no enemy appeared.
Leaving a small covering force, Rex moved into the town edge.
Hal prepared to shift some Portal Markers which were blocking his route of attack.
Ahsoka moved in front of the Clones to scout out the advance on the left.
Hal put his Commandos in a building, leaving his advance on the right to join Ahsoka!
The Markers he had dislodged from the corner of the building he now occupied had moved to cover Ahsoka - and generated a group of Battle Droids.
Hal had his Commandos ambush them.
The holding force joined in!
Rex kept behind the building on the hill.
Battle Droid: "Hey, this isn't fair!"
Ahsoka batted back a shot aimed at her...
...damaging the Droid!
The Clones finished the last hapless Droid off in moments!
All the fire had alerted more Portal Markers.
The Markers were getting migrated back through the village, but were not generating very much!
Hal amused Ahsoka and Rex by popping out of the building to dislodge the Markers there, only to have them go to the other side of the building!
Another group of Battle Droids now attacked.
The Clones, covered by Ahsoka, went out to face them.
The Droids fared no better than the first group!
Ahsoka had nothing to do!
The Clone Commandos now joined in again from the flank.
These Droids are stupid!
Another group appeared to support them.
They were no match for the Clones.
Another group tried a flank attack.
Ahsoka moved to support the clones.
The group of Droids to their front were falling apart.
The Commandos were back on mission, moving round the flank.
The clones on the stairway managed to mince the first flanking group easily, and now engaged a supporting group, who also got torn apart.
Rex lead the rest of the Clones in an attack on the last hill.
The Clone Commandos and Ahsoka left the mass of Portal markers on the hill nowhere to retreat to, so were destroyed. The last few Battle Droids surrendered!

Well, that was easy! - Amazingly the dice NEVER rolled the right number to produce anything but a few Battle Droids! - all my Commando Droids, Droidekas and Super Battle Droids stayed in the box!!!

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