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Saturday 22 January 2022

Battle in the Sinai 1967

 Today, we returned to the Six Days War in the Sinai playing 'What a Tanker' using my own solo rules for the opposition and my Arab Israeli supplement (LINK)

Lawrence provided most of the terrain, I just provided the village, roads and half the scrub!- either way a quite dense terrain!

So...what were the forces?
I had an M48 'Magach'...which didn't want to move!
Phil had no such problem with his M48.
Lawrence too had difficulties getting into gear!
Opposite us an Egyptian IS3.
In the centre, another.
The Egyptians were souped up and raced across the table towards us.
I finally got moving, though not quickly.
Phil was still steaming down the road.
Lawrence got going too, he too not getting much movement.
I kept to cover, looking for the heavy Soviet armour, and hoping to find a flank.
Phil was entering the village, almost.
Lawrence was still having problems crossing the dry river.
I got a handful of moves, and raced into the edge of the village.
Phil slowed as he approached.
Lawrence was still back traversing difficult terrain.
Red die IS3 got into the cover of the village buildings.
To his right 'White die' IS3 was going south of the village.
I tried to get on his flank, but...
My dice let me down and I got stuck in an alley!
Phil kept 'White' behind a building. What cannot see you cannot kill you!
Lawrence was moving, and got into an overwatch position supporting Phil.
'White' entered the stoney field -I was getting outflanked!
Phil got onto the flank of White by a rapid move.
 Lawrence came over a hill, fired, but missed!
Phil got initiative before the Egyptian, and fired into his flank.
The IS3 exploded!
I got round the last building only to run into 'Red' IS3...
He swatted me like an annoying fly!
'Red' pushed on looking for Phil and Lawrence, Lawrence fired and hit the IS3.
His optics, not the best anyway, were damaged.
Phil moved round a building on the Egyptian's flank...
...Another lucky hit finished the game!

So, Phil got 2 tanks, I got toasted!

In a second game, we used 3 Syrian SU-100s against a Sho't Meteor and 3 AMX-13s (!) I got 2 of the AMXs Phil the rest, we took no losses!

Poor Lawrence had no luck today, and wasn't feeling well anyway- get well soon pal!


  1. Cool looking battlefield and vehicles! A campaign that should be gamed more often, thanks for posting!

    1. Thanks! I always like these Arab Israeli games, they are often tense and exciting to play!