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Saturday 13 March 2021

Daniel's day

Today, I returned to the Stargate SG-1 universe for my solo game.

The scenario I chose was a mission for SG-1 where Arial intelligence from a drone has detected a strange building near a Stargate on a primitive world in Goa'uld space.

The Gate opens...

A M.A.L.P. comes through, scans the horizon, and halts.
The Marines of SG3 appear.
Col Reynolds: "All clear here Colonel, come on through!"
I had a fair number of Portal Markers...
...covering the table, but two value 1 markers failed to bring any enemy on table!
Col 'Jack' O'Neill: "Good morning, Campers!. Reynolds, you ok holding the gate?"
Reynolds: "You heard the man! - OK Marines, take up positions!"
Splitting into pairs, the team slickly moved into cover in positions overlooking the Stargate.
The gate disengaged...
...only the stationary M.A.L.P. now betrayed the presence of our heroes.
SG-1 moved forward...
...the Portal markers retreating before them.
3 markers were still in position to see them, one of them a '4'.
This brought two groups of Serpent Guards onto the ridge to their front.
P90's rattled...
...several Jaffa fell...
...but the last two of one group charged into Carter and O'Neill.
O'Neill dodged a staff blast, but Carter was clubbed on the head and fell!
O'Neill: "CARTER!"
O'Neill moved to protect the apparently lifeless Carter, Teal'c and Daniel covering them.
Daniel rapid fired his Barretta and knocked several Jaffa from the second group over.
O'Neill and Teal'c blasted the two Jaffa facing them.
Daniel reloaded, and emptied the full clip into the last Jaffa.
Carter: "I am ok, Sir, really I am!"
O'Neill: "You're bleeding Carter!, are you sure you shouldn't go back?"
Teal'c just looked, and nodded at another true Warrior.
Daniel led the way round a hillock. O'Neill and Teal'c accompanied Carter who secretly wished they wouldn't!
The team displaced a lot of Portal markers, which now were getting concentrated round the strange building.
Spreading out, the team moved to try and disrupt them.
O'Neill and Carter now saw a Staff Cannon setting up.
Teal'c was going round the other side of the building...
...which moved several more Portal markers to that flank!
O'Neill managed to wound the first cannon's gunner, but Carter missed!
Another Staff Cannon moved up alongside the first!
O'Neill: "Screw this!"
He threw a grenade!
Daniel was able to see the action and fired too.
Despite the range, he killed the last wounded gunner. Great shot!!!
The team advanced on the mass of Portal markers, destroying several which had nowhere to go!
But what of the strange building?
O'Neill: "Carter, any idea what that building was?"
Carter: "No idea at all!"
Carter pressed a button on the remote in her hand...
Victorious, the teams activated the gate and returned home.
That was the first outing for my new-ish Hasslefree miniatures, I like them!


  1. Thanks Ray! - I will just be glad when I can play at my club, go to shows etc again!

  2. That was a very entertaining write-up.

  3. Love your Stargate games! How do the new Hasslefree figures scale up to the old Eureka SWAT/SG ones?

    1. Thanks very much! The Hasslefree are slightly less chunky to the Eureka models, but look ok next to each other, certainly within the normal range of human variance.
      The Hasslefree models are far more detailed and excellently proportioned though!

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