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Saturday 27 March 2021

Return to Emandes

 Today, I returned to the world of The Mandalorian, for another jaunt. I have been getting some lovely 3d printed figures, and used a couple today.


Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) is informed during a stopover on Tatooine by Peli Motto...

...That she has been contacted by the Frog Lady's husband, and told that his wife has been arrested by Imperial forces and taken to Emandes. She has spawned a new batch of eggs and needs to get back to Trask before the Solstice in 3 weeks, or the eggs will die.

The husband must remain on Trask looking after their first-spawn, who is just learning to hop.

As the Mandalorian has been so helpful in the past, would he help them again?

Peli uses her best arguments to sway the Mandalorian over, offering a free overhaul of the Razorcrest in return, so, reluctantly, Din agrees.

After a quick stop at Navarro, he lands near the town where the Frog Lady is supposedly held.

Carasynthia Dune:" OK, I'm here, now just tell me how many ex Imperial troops are supposedly here?"

Din Djarin: " Well...last time I was here, there was just a squad, so nothing much I imagine?...I mean, how many Imps does it take to guard a frog?"

The town (almost all old food containers!!!)
As ever, I placed Portal markers covering all my possible lines of advance.
Din Djarin and Cara Dune, with The Child in tow.
At game start, a single '3' Portal marker was able to see them.
Lots of counters! I had placed square markers on some of the buildings - most dummies, but one where the prisoner was being held.
After a quick move, the '3' was inverted as it could not see us!
We were hiding in some crates , deciding which way to go!
Din and Cara jogged across the road to cover behind a building.
Unfortunately this allowed the '3' marker to see them again (sigh)
It was time to cross the road and dislodge it!
Both characters made it across the road without being spotted...but the '3' was able to cross the road the other way!
4 Stormtroopers appeared, challenging the Mandalorian to 'Stand Down'
Cara responded with her repeating blaster.
Two 'Imps' fell, the others ducked back from the barrage.
Din: " Cara, keep them covered, I will check this block. Keep an eye on the kid too!"
The uneasy babysitter checked her blaster!
Din found nothing, good job or this would be a short game!
Cara fired another volley to keep the two troopers heads down!
TK213: "Come on, there's only one of them now!"
Cara hit the first man out...
...But it wasn't Cara who killed the last Imp...
The Mandalorian crossed the road, Cara didn't quite make it.
A LOT of markers saw her.
Five troopers appeared, including one with a heavy blaster.
Cara's repeating blaster jammed...
But Din took them under fire!
Cara was suppressed as she struggled to clear her weapon.
Fortunately, the Imps couldn't hit the side of a Bantha!...
...and a '1' on the arrivals die meant they got no reinforcements either!
Din fought on alone...
...and killed two!
Unfortunately, an Imperial officer arrived with two more stormtroopers.
Cara looked at Din, "Only one squad?" --and opened fire!
The Imps were shredded in a hail of fire.
The last one ran for his life, Din and Cara let him go.
Moving up the street, another house was found empty.
Din and Cara took cover as more troopers appeared.
This drove 3 Portal markers back.
Both Cara and Din opened fire.
Only one Imp fell.
Another group had appeared behind them and taken some of the fire.
Din moved forward, taking another man down.
Cara's fire was...more effective!
Another group under another officer(!) took over from the embattled group.
They in turn were quickly suppressed by the massed fire from Din and Cara.
Din advanced under cover of Cara's fire and finished off two troopers.
He quickly checked another empty building!
The Imperial officer was still trying to force his men forward.
Cara advanced under cover of Din's fire.
More Imps came up to reinforce their stalled line.
Din only managed to suppress the Officer's group.
Din: "Cara, lets take them out!"
Even more troopers were coming up, soon maybe even the Mandalorian could be overrun?
Shots ringing off his Beskar armour, Din moved through the massed Imperials.
Cara was fighting two troopers on the flank.
She made short work of them.
She moved on two more, while Din engaged the Officer's group.
Cara shot one of the men she was facing. Din guessed she was at a safe distance...
Din used his one shot 'Whistling Birds' to eliminate all the remaining Imps.
Cara and Din began carefully checking the rest of the buildings.
All empty! Where was the prisoner?
Flicking his wrist device, the pram and Child soon caught up, as the two allies checked the last building (and cleared the overwatching Portal Markers)
Suddenly, from behind the building, came a familiar figure!
Cara: "Want to introduce me to your friend?"
Din didn't notice the pram was empty.

A small green figure was looking interestedly at the egg container on the Frog Lady's back!

Another fun game! - I love the Frog Lady, and the figure is lovely!


  1. Herkybird, where did you find the figure files? A buddy of mine has a printer, I could ask him to print some for me and my sons.

    Great report, looks and sounds like fun. I'm going to read over your rules set. I've been working on a very simple set of rules for my 9 & 11 year olds boys.

    1. Thanks! - sadly I have no access to a printer, all my figures are from Ebay. I suspect you could get the files from Thingiverse - I have certainly seen some of my models on there!
      Good luck with the rules, some of the systems are...innovative, and you will probably need to read the rule examples carefully to properly understand them.
      If I can help, please e-mail me at richardbradley5@gmail.com. If my rules are not your cup of tea, good luck when writing your own! :-)

  2. Richard, thank you for your rapid reply and offer of assistance sir. I will let you know how the rules go.