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Saturday 27 February 2021

On a road to nowhere?

 Today, I had another Star Wars skirmish game. I got some more figures finished last week so gave myself a chance of getting them out!

For today's scenario, I had the Mandalorian going through a settlement on his way to find someone with information on a possible Jedi sighting.

I was using the standard encounter chart in my rules, but replaced the AT/ST line with an ally arrival. I would have to risk getting a lot of Portal Markers in sight if I was to get my ally!!! a quandary!


The Settlement...

...and from the other side. The Mandalorian must exit on this table edge to win.
I placed a few more Portal Markers than in my last game.
A lone figure, sporting a new cloak made from 'Green Stuff!'
Din Jarin: "Hmmm, this looks too deserted. I wonder why?"
He moved to cover and took a good look up the road.
Unslinging a shoulder harness, he picked a small green creature from it and placed it next to him.
Din Jarin: " Well, kid, I want you to wait here, nice and safe while I have a look up there. Understand? - STAY HERE!"
The Child just looked up entreatingly to to blank metal face, and squeaked quizzically. 
A couple of Portal markers could see the Mandalorian...
...but he had to go up this road at some point!.
I diced a '6' for arrivals, which would have moved any Portal Markers from behind the Mandalorian to positions to his front, but here, it just meant any hostiles were biding their time!
The Mandalorian jogged across the street...
...Glancing back, he couldn't see the Child anywhere, and this time, it wasn't still standing next to him!
The Child: " Greeeu?"
Tooka cat: " Grrrrr, Spit!"
The Mandalorian's advance did displace a high value Portal Marker, making any enemy/ally? contact less likely.
He zigged across the road to see the other side.
...this reduced the  Portal total to 5.
Unfortunately, another high D6 brought four Stormtroopers on table!
They advanced, firing.
The Mandalorian shot one of his attackers, and pinned another.
However, the noise of the fight brought more Imperials on up the road. The Mandalorian was caught between two fires!
The first group were getting back into the fight.
The Mandalorian jogged away behind another building.
...as the second group of Stormtroopers came round the corner, he shot one!
The Mandalorian continued retreating round the house, trying to lead the Imperials away from the Child.
This left only one Portal Marker, a '2' able to see him.
The two groups of Stormtroopers stayed in cover where they were....what were they up to?
The answer appeared across the street, where yet another group of Stormies appeared.
They began shooting up the narrow alley, and missed! - the Mandalorian's return fire only pinned one of them.
The Child: " Ooouu?"
Tooka cat: " Mrrraaw? Purr Purr."
The Mandalorian decided to use one of his 3 bombs...
It nearly landed where he wanted, killing one of his assailants and pinning the rest.
Mando followed up with his blaster.
Another (!) group of Imperial troops came to support their fellows.
Fortunately, only a few Stormtroopers could shoot up the narrow alley.
The Mandalorian pulled a second 'grenade'.
This time it rebounded off a wall and landed in the middle, killing all but one of them.
Worried in case that other troopers might box him in if he stayed, the Mandalorian ran down the alley and stunned the survivor with his rifle.
This put a lot of Portal markers in sight of him, but he rolled a '5' - exactly what he needed!!! - amazing luck!
Axe Woves landed by Jetpack on top of a low building.
Koska Reeves, and Bo Katan Kryze also landed across the street!
The Mandalorian moved to the road junction...
...and displaced some more Portal markers which the new troops could have activated!!!
Bo Katan (radio): "Ha, Ha! - it looks like we arrived just in time again!"
The Mandalorian: " I had this just under control! - but these goons are between me and the Child, could you help with that?"
Koska: "On it!"
The Nite Owls (Night Owls?) were way better than the Stormtroopers.
Jetpacking to the first group, the Stormtroopers...
...Surrendered or died!
Bo Katan: "All clear, Mando!"
The Mandalorian jetpacked to join his little green ward.
The Mandalorian: " Making new friends, are you?"
Spitting, the cat fled behind the tree, and the child turned, reaching out to his surrogate father!
Mando reached down and picked up the Child.
Bo Katan: " You really should give up this quest, and join us in freeing Mandalor! - its your destiny. You can bring your little green friend too, you know!?"
The Mandalorian: "Thanks, but THIS is the Way."

That was a fun game! Having only a slight chance of getting allies made it a high risk game, which was quite nail bitingly exciting. Twice, Mando had to dice quite low on a D8 to avoid injury, even with his Beskar Armour!!!

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