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Saturday 7 November 2015

Old West, New Mexico

Today, Phil, Lawrence and I had a Wild West skirmish.

The scenario was a small group of Texas Rangers crossing the border with Mexico to deal with a small band of Bandidos who had taken residence in a small village there.

Taking advantage of Siesta time, and the absence of innocent Peons who are out in the fields, we began our attack.

The 3 of us had a pair of Rangers.

My figure sneaked into the edge of the village, covered by my henchman, a huge Norwegian called 'Thor' by everyone!
I stuck my pistol through the window of the first house...  
'Thor' leading, we moved behind the house onto the next.
Phil, with Cleitus, his greenhorn sidekick, covered me from the hill. 
Lawrences' pair moved behind a tree to look across the street. 
Yep! - a bandit was at the top of the stairs in the house opposite. 
He seemed more interested in his bottle of Tequila than keeping watch though. 
 Phil came off the hill.
Thor and I gave them a 'leg up' onto  the roof of the house we had cleared.

We were all in position now to take the bandit down. 
Unfortunately, the bandit only suffered a grazed arm! Bandits, alerted by the shooting now started to appear up the street! 
 The Bandit random deployment left the next 2 houses unoccupied!
The big house at the street end had 'El Grande' and 3 henchmen. 
The next house held a pistolero. 
 As did the next house.
 Back at our firefight, the original bandit shot Cleitus!
Il Grande started gathering his sleepy men! 
Soon, bandits were coming down the street to help their compadres. 
  Finally, the first bandit falls, but an unseen companion remains on the roof! 
 The second bandit descends to the ground floor. 
 Il Grande continues to urge his men down the street.
 They were getting close now.
 Lawrence moved forward, while I pushed on down the street. 'Thor' decided not to follow me immediately!
 The second bandit appeared at the door of the building.
 I covered Lawrence as he moved forward.
Lawrence became aware he was dangerously exposed...
 ...and continued down the back of the buildings.
The second bandit left the building to take up position closer to Il Grande.
I stayed in ambush position, covering the gap between 2 buildings.
Il Grande and 2 bandits were passing the building next to my position.
 One of these bandits stuck his head round the corner...my shot hit the wall!
 Phil, supported by Thor, were still hunting the bandit behind the tree.
He stayed where he was, shooting back at Thor. 
Finally, Phil fired a shot from his rifle... 
...and downed the bandit with a chest hit. 
The bandits were now aware of our positions. 
Phil killed one of the men on the second building. 
Another bandit ran across the gap between 2 buildings to join Il Grande...Lawrence and his sidekick fired ineffectually at him!  
 One of the bandits entered the house they were hiding behind.
 Firing from the window and round the house corner killed me with a head shot!
 Phil was still sniping across the road.
Another bandit stuck his head over the parapet - and had it shot off! 
 Lawrence and his man tried to attack the rear of Il Grandes' group.
Fortunately, the bandits fire was as poor as ours!
 Thor, seeing me dead, now moved up to help Lawrence.
 They had now fallen back to engage in a firefight.
Phil, now, having run out of targets, came down from his rooftop. 
 A bandit saw him, fired -and missed!
 Phil shot back...
The bandit fell dead. 
 Il Grande had run to make sure I was dead...
Thor was waiting! A shotgun blast hit Il Grande in the leg! 
Crippled, Il Grande edged back towards cover, Thor closed in... 
 Lawrence was now chasing a bandit round a house.
Meanwhile, Phil ran across the street. 
 As Il Grande crawled away, another shot from Thor caused a head wound with a near miss.
 Phil was firing from Il Grande's rear.
 Lawrence, and the bandit were still hunting each other!
Phil took aim, as El Grande appeared round the house... 
...and finished him with a shot to the head. Thor, having been shot at by another of Il Grande's men, had now fallen back behind the building, the bandit chased him round the corner.... 
Thor had stopped, and as the bandit appeared, blasted him!
 ...Lawrence climbed through the roof hatch, the bandit went down the stairs...!
... Phil kept firing at Il Grande's men... 
 ...he killed another!
 One of the 2 remaining bandits now ran off, towards safety...
 Thor appeared...
...The bandit died. 
With all the bandits dead (bar 1 who had sneaked off unseen!), the lawmen retreated to the U.S. border, taking my and the greenhorns bodies with them.

The raids ceased on the Texan farmsteads....for now!

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