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Saturday 28 November 2015

Battleground show 2015

Today, the club was off (Booh!) -but it was to allow us to go to this year's excellent Battleground show in Stockton on Tees !
This is definitely a 'Must go' show for me, and I am always happy to go!

I managed to get 139 pictures, but don't worry, they are not all here!

The Games:
First, our friends at Westerhope Wargames 28mm Sudan colonial game..
 They attracted a lot of attention!

A view from the Dervish side.
 I especially liked this camel unit!
Next, Consett tabletop gamers attractive Wild West game 
Of course, our own Tyneside Wargames club had a sizeable chunk of the battle of Waterloo on table! 

Border Reivers clubs Mexican revolution game..
 ....including a train spewing flame like a Dragon! 
The terrain was very eye-catching. 
 This is a game using flats, to recreate the battle of Roundway down, by the Lancaster Cellermen.

It is a very cheap way to build up a large army! 
 The guys were very good engaging the public.
 Next, a 28mm refight of the battle of Rossbach from the seven years war by the Independent Wargames group.

 This was Scarborough gamers Bolt Action WW2 games.
 ...and their Warhammer 40k game. 

 River horse's Terminator Genisys game. 
 My favourite game, from a purely eye candy point of view, was the Brompton Bankers 11th-12th century skirmish game. 
 There were some lovely figures in lovely terrain!

WW2 was represented again by Generals and Kings early war game. 
 The French!
 The Boche!
 The players!
 Yorkshire coast gamers Waterloo game.

 Guisborough gamers 'Shoot em' up' western game, nice figures and terrain here too!
 Now that's a herd of cattle! 
Durham Wargames club 54mm Placenoit game - Waterloo again! 
Some nice figures here again. 

Guess who? 
Nope, it was Monty's wargaming world playing Red Dawn, a supplement to the Lardies Chain of Command rules.  
Reidy and sons' 10mm Napoleonic game.

And...The Traders! (sorry if I missed some!- it wasn't on purpose!)

Worley books 


..and a not so miniature lady! 
 Baccus 6mm

Wargames Emporium 

Daruma/the grid?

Figures in comfort

Hawk Wargames 

Ah, where I spent a lot of my day's allowance..Northumbria games! 

The rest went to Andy at 'The Last valley' but I got a lot of stuff I wanted! 

Eagle figures 

 The Durham pals had another brilliant display

 They had displays of things from the 18th century, when the Durhams were the 68th foot, to WW2 

This poor guy had to wear the 7 Years war uniform...Chafing!

Colonel Bill's 
Lesley's bits box... 

...hard to miss! 
Crann Tara miniatures, as the sign says! 

Very pretty! 
 Dave Thomas

Ainsty castings 

 Asylum wargaming

 Studio miniatures

Er...Games of war, perhaps? 

Old Glory 

Grubby tanks  
Waugh games 
 Tumbling Dice
 The Bring and Buy 
 Daves wargames
And finally...Cozzmic cakes!
One of the ways to get a cake was to hit it with...  
...a Titan!
More conventionally, you could buy them from the lass at the desk!
 Yum, Yum! 
This is a cake my mate Lawrence won for his wife, Rowena, from the Titan!
The staff were nice, very friendly.. 
..Their cakes are nice too! 

The show was, in my opinion, even better than last year, and I would like to thank the organisers and traders who worked so hard to make it happen!

Roll on 2016....!


  1. Great stuff Herky

    I couldn't get into 'take a picture of everything mode' so I took no pictures at all.

    I suppose I am still in 'recovery' mode from my earlier medical events.

    1. Quite understandable!, I always do a picture journal of shows I go to, if nothing else, it lets me see things I should have stopped to look at more when I was there!!!!

  2. Thanks for the great photos!

  3. Great report "Herky",we enjoyed the show too-thanks for stopping and chatting to us.
    johnc(william)Westerhope Wargames group.

  4. Thanks for all the pics, glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Excellent pics! Wish I could have been there.