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Sunday, 14 September 2014

The battle of 5 armies?

Today we did an ACW skirmish game - using the slightly modified new version of my State of War ACW skirmish rules

The scenario was 3 very small companies of Confederates trying to contest a crossroads with a company of Ohio Federals.

We randomised when each of these forces came on, each one coming on a separate road adjacent to each other.

The crossroads (from the Confederate side)
Rod, once again joining our happy band, would be joining me commanding the Union boys...despite wearing Confederate grey!!! 
 The first force to arrive were the Louisiana tigers, commanded as usual by Lawrence!
 Next, Phil's Virginians.
 The Tigers moved rapidly towards the crossroads.
 Phil was a little further back, but had less distance to go...
Where were the Federals?  
The Tigers were almost at the crossroads, unopposed. 
Ian's  (newly painted) Rebels arrived on a third road, on Phil's left.
 They had a long way to go! 
 Finally, on turn 3, my men arrived on a road intersecting Lawrence's Tigers line of march...
  No one could see any enemy yet though...
Both forces looked certain to meet at short range. 
 The Tigers, having arrived on table first, reached the junction...
 ..and immediately recoiled on seeing the boys in blue!
 Ian's men were marching as fast as they could...
 Phil,(AKA 'Tree Hugger') seeing the Federals approaching, left the road, and not having a wood to hide in, headed for the hills! 
 My men, having been beaten to the road junction, also left the road to take cover in a wood (Phil looking on enviously!!?)
 Rod began to line some fences facing Phil.
...but against my wishes also sent men forward to secure the wood on his left. 
The Tigers had left the road out out of sight of my men and began filtering towards Rod's men. 
Phil's men, having climbed the hill, began shaking his column out into a line. 
 Ian's men were at last approaching the crossroads.
Seeing Rod's thin line facing the crossroads, my Captain moved left to 'encourage' them! 
 The Tigers crossed the road to attack Rod's position.
 Phil had detached messengers to each of the other Confederate players. The one going to Lawrence was surprised to find the Tigers had moved so far and so fast!
 Phi's men fired at long range as Rod's men on the road came into view.
At this long range, the Feds escaped with only 2 men wounded.
Ian's men, hearing the firing, began to deploy.
 One of my squads finally got into position to see the Tigers. 
 The Tigers were heavily engaging the smaller Union force behind the fences.
 ...and were winning!
 Supported by their Lieutenant and Captain, the brave Ohians held their ground.
 More of my men now got into position to help the men at the fence.
 After reloading, Rod's men fired again...
 ...supported by my first squad.
 The Tigers were beginning to suffer from our combined fire. 
 Ian's men were waiting when Rod's men reached the wood edge.
The Confederates opened fire... 
On the other flank, my men got into firing position. 
And joined in the fight with the entrenched Tigers.
The Tigers took losses as they began to lose the fire fight...

...but grimly, and bravely, held on to their position.

Rod's men were not doing so well, and were shot to pieces by Ian's rebels, ably supported by Phil's men shooting from the hill behind.
Having only managed to cause minimal losses to their opponents, the survivors eventually skedaddled back through the wood.
The battle was over, with the Union left in full retreat, their position became untenable, and the rest of the Federal forces withdrew.

This was a fierce little game, and fun to play! For only the second game ever, I actually took NO casualties! (Probably because I didn't get shot at!) 
The Rebs won because they managed to focus a large part of their force against a smaller part of the Union line, while the Louisiana Tigers sacrificially tied down the greater part of the Feds.

Very 'a la Marlborough' !!!


  1. Nice looking game...no casualtiies, ouaouh!

  2. Hi Richard looks good are the Figs all Perrys or a mix?

    1. Hi there, the majority of the figures are my Perry plastics, Ian's are Old Glory 'Sash and Sabre' metals. The Zouaves were bought by Lawrence at a show, and he does not know the manufacturer! - they have separate heads, if that helps?

      Thanks for the nice comments!

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