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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Border Reiver 2014

Today, we all started the Autumn wargaming season by attending the excellent Border Reiver show, held in the Gateshead International Stadium venue as last year.
As in so many shows these days, they are held in sports halls, which provide excellent space for traders and punters, but bathes everything in a yellow glare - hence the poor quality of some of my pics! - sorry!
I will try to restrain myself from describing what the pictures clearly show! 

The Border Reivers taking the money as we went in...somehow very appropriate!
Pendraken miniatures stand.
 Naturally, my friends Ian and Lawrence's first port of call!
See what I mean about yellow pictures!?  
 Midlam miniatures had the best stock of X-Wing ships.
 Most of the traders were happy to chat.
..and very keen to sell! 

 Lots of book stands, I didn't get any today though!
 Frankie from my wargames club, they were doing a large scale WW1 game.
 Pete, again from our club, commanding the French.
 Old Glory, the kind sponsors of this (and many other) shows! - thanks guys!

 Dave Thomas's stand. Always a must for me! they always have a great selection of 28mm plastic figures!
On to Colonel Bill's - another must for me! 
 I wish I could afford more of these lovely 4ground buildings!
 A welcome late addition to this year's traders, Warlord games.
This is where I tend to spend all my money...The Last valley. 
 This year was no exception!
 Andy, the friendly and talented creator of this wonderful terrain!
Warbases, where I got some casualty markers for ' Beneath the Lily Banners' games. 
Figures in Comfort, they have a marvellous selection of figure carrying cases! 
They also have some useful gaming accessories.
 Lancashire games, They do a lot of 15mm figures at very reasonable cost! 
 They sell S+A's nice terrain too, I have a lot of their stuff!

Wings of Glory planes, tempting!  

Off in a corner - Northumbria Painting services, some nice things here!

On to some of the Demo games, some Warhammer 40K figures 

 Our friends from Westerhope Wargames club doing a splendid, fun game using figures which in total cost the princely sum of just £60! 

 Sorry about the poor quality of this pic, these Knights looked fantastic!
A lovely Great Northern War battle, using Beneath the Lily Banners rules, these are the luckless Russians!
...Facing them, the vastly superior Swedish! 
 A nice little Star Trek game.
Ah, Wings of Glory! 

Love the B-17! 
Everyone seemed to have a great day out here, and I for one am looking forward to next year's show (except for having to process my pictures of course!)

Many thanks again to the Border Reiver club and Old Glory for putting this show on. well done chaps!

Now, for those interested:

Old Glory
Pendraken Miniatures
Dave Thomas
Lancashire Games
1st Corps/Curteys Miniatures
Colonel Bills
Figures in Comfort
Last Valley
Ainsty Castings
Tumbling Dice
David Lanchester Books
Studio Miniatures
Lesley's Bits Box
Waugh Games
Hoka Hey Wargaming
MFTG Hobbies
Miniatures of the Millenia
Reiver Castings
Graham's Wuerkshoppe
Northumbria Painting Services and MBM Scenery
Worley Books
Northumbria Games
Specialist Games Collector/I Want A Painted Army.com
Four A Miniatures
Crucible of Lead
Northumbrian Tin Soldier
Midlaim Miniatures
Gateshead Gaming
Victorian Toy Soldier
Warlord Games

Westerhope Wargames Group – 54mm Medieval
Falkirk and District Wargames Club – In Her Majesty's Name – Participation Game
Newbiggin Wargames Club
Tyneside Wargames Club - 10mm WW1 game
Consett Tabletop Gaming Society
Northumbrian Adventurers Guild – Dust Tactics Battlefield – Demonstration
Northumbrian Adventurers Guild – Planetstrike – Demonstration
Northumbrian Adventurers Guild – Kill Teams – Participation


  1. Nice to see you there, if only briefly! Thanks for posting the pics. Not too bad considering the light! I didn't bother with any...
    Nice little show again and I got to buy some lead so good day overall!
    Thanks for the report

  2. Noooooooo
    You got me
    I was only there for an hour or so.
    Next time you take photos for your blog can you wear a tall hat with a flashing light on top or sound a siren or something so innocent passers by don't get caught in the cross fire. ;0)

    1. Sorry! - everyone is entitled to a few minutes of fame!
      I stalked the show like a big game hunter, shooting at targets of opportunity!