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Saturday 2 March 2013

Stargate 2

Today (Saturday) - 1 week late due to the 5" of snow in Newcastle last week - we did our second Stargate adventure.

I got out my second Stargate model, not from Antarctica (lol) - but from Cold War Miniatures - I think its very nice!


The Jodrell Bank radio telescope has picked up a faint message they could not decipher, which originated in a region of space near the galactic core.
The SGC, naturally, monitors such reports, and the message is immediately recognised as of alien origin...The message contains a Stargate address.

General Hammond has ordered SG2 and 4 to go to the world to reconnoitre – and possibly return with anything of use in the battle against the Goa’ld.

A MALP has been to the planet, and seen nothing but trees in the vicinity of the Stargate.

The planet, P2C 459s Stargate opens.
 SG4 appears and quickly secures the area. 
 SG2 follows. 
They fan out to explore the area. The sun is nearing the horizon, and twilight ensues. 
 SG4 reaches the edge of the trees, and sees desert beyond.
 They move forward in the growing gloom, having returned the MALP.
SG4 scouts ahead.
 SG2, after securing the gear, follow.
SG4 splits into 2 pairs, and continues to advance. A strong predawn light appears in the East. 
 A second sun, a red giant, lights the planet.
In the red glow of dawn, SG4 sees some Horus Guard Jaffa standing as still as stone, apparently attacking some buildings of advanced construction. 
 The building appear to be defended by weapon mounts. The buildings and weapon mounts appear to have been hit by staff weapon fire.
 Half of SG2 reopens the gate to request reinforcements. 
 SG4 scouts down the side of the statuesque Jaffa, following the edge of an energy field which feels like thick treacle to the touch.
 SG2 are detailed to investigate a small obelisk behind the Jaffa. 
 The Gate reopens. 
The other half of SG2 occupies an ancient trench. 
One of the SFs touches the obelisk... 
The Jaffa begin attacking the buildings, but the group near the obelisk engage SG2! 
One of the men in the trench is injured, and they duck into cover. 
The Jaffa rapidly turn to engage the threat from behind. 
Meanwhile, SG3, properly attired for the desert, appear through the Stargate. 
The fire from 4 MP5s drives the Jaffa back to the buildings. 
 Where is SG4, and the force commander?
 Despite losses, the Jaffa attack and kill one of SG2s men.
 The remaining man by the obelisk holds his ground.
 SG4 are behind the buildings, and having failed to find an opening mechanism lay a charge of C4 on the door.
Kaboom!...the door is undamaged! 
 Meanwhile, the Jaffa are focussing on the man by the obelisk.
 His situation is looking bad.
 Some Jaffa, hearing the explosion, run into SG4, and die. 
 Another member of SG2 is killed fighting bravely. 
 Finally, SG4 moves forward to help, but the commander is killed by a staff blast.
 Amazingly, the man at the obelisk is still untouched. 
 SG3, having received a situation update, move forward at the double.
 SG4, minus their leader manage to silence their opponents.
The wounded SG2 man appears again to help his team mate. 
 The Jaffa fall back from the 3 SG teams fire. 
 They continue to engage from the flank.
 SG4 tries opening another door conventionally.
 SG3 moves after the retreating Jaffa.
Several fall, and the remainder flee. 
As SG3 moves to the building...
 The building disappear in a fiery glow.
 A small figure teleports in. 

He says

 I am Alvis, a scientist of the Asgard. I have been working here on ways to defeat the enemy of the Asgard in our galaxy.
The Goa’ld, unfortunately, appear to have discovered this facility, making further work here impossible. The Jaffa attacked and neutralised my defences, so I was forced to use a temporal dilation field while I was waiting for help. It is surprising a primitive civilisation like yours got my message '

One of the soldiers remarks that Alvis is a character in Norse myth, a wise dwarf.
Another comments 'Alvis has left the building' ! - what a Jarhead!

Unimpressed, Alvis beams to the Stargate. 
                                                             ..which he has activated.
He steps through.

This was a very hard battle, made more difficult by the commander of the SGC teams deciding to investigate the buildings with SG4 while SG2 was fighting odds of 10:1!

His death would probably save him an uncomfortable inquest, however....!


SG4 Commander - Gareth
          Support by - Phil.

SG2 - Ian and Lawrence.

SG3 and the Jaffa were run by the solo system!

The rules are freely available at TWC downloads

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  1. Hoorah! Great game and read! I do like the multiple levels of scenery you make available in the scenario for your characters to utilize and blow-up!