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Saturday 16 February 2013

Frontier defence 1757

Today we did a French and Indian wars skirmish, using Phil's and my figures, in Lawrence's and my terrain!
The scenario was a standard raid against a small settlement in northern New York state, by a company of Les compagnies franche de la Marine, supported by about 60 Huron Indians.
We had about 24 rangers supported by a dozen armed men from the settlement, and a dozen friendly Delaware Indians.

Mark (left), a welcome addition to our gaming band today, with Phil and Gareth.
 Mark and Gareth deployed their Rangers on the right, with Indian scouts forward.
 I deployed my Delawares behind, as a reserve.
Lawrence deployed his militia forward on the left, with Phil's Rangers in reserve by the ford. 
 The French attacked in strength on Lawrence's wing, shooting a lady in her farm.
 They were supported by more Compagnie Franche men and Indians on their left.
 As the farm was overrun, an Indian scout was spotted and killed.
 More fire came from a house on the French left.
While the French dealt with the house, the Indians forged forward against Lawrence!
In a fierce firefight, several Indians were killed...
Phil's Rangers helped from the riverbank.
The Indians were halted by the mass of fire.
Lawrence had lost some men too..
Back at the house, the Indian defenders repulsed a French attack.
Behind them, though, more French and Indians moved forward to attack.
The Brave Huron attackers force the militia to retreat by a fierce charge.
The 2 surviving Hurons continued to follow up!
Despite the loss of another militiaman, the Hurons were finally beaten!
Back in the rear,  and despite the arrival of reserves, the house still held out!
Eventually, the French got the upper hand as they surrounded the building.
The final scout eventually fled.
But was caught and killed.
The French reserves now assaulted the Militia and Rangers from the front...
..and forced them back to the wooded bank of the river.

On the other flank, the Rangers Indian scouts first inkling of trouble was when they came under fire from across the river
They fell back from the bank towards the main Ranger position.
At first, French numbers appeared limited...   
  ..but as they began fording the river it became clear a major attack was in progress.
  The scouts took another casualty, futilely defending their position.
   The horde of French swarmed to the attack.
  A firefight began at the Rangers farmhouse.
Once again, the Indians were halted by fire.
 More Indians, delayed by the river, finally joined the attack.
  The Rangers were driven back by sheer weight of numbers.   
The Courours de Bois pushed forward.  
Supported by the French and Hurons. 
 The shaken Rangers rallied at the next farmhouse.
  They immediately had to face another Huron attack.
  My Delawares moved forward, shooting across the river at the advancing French.
As some of the defending Rangers fell back again, my Delawares, led by the Major in charge of the English, hit the Hurons in rear.
  As the Hurons fled from my attack, The major was killed by a lucky shot.
 The enraged Delawares, not at all upset by the palefaces death, attacked the advancing French.
  Both sides took losses, but the French started to realise they had not as many men as they needed to carry the position.
 They held and burned the farms on the other bank of the river.
But could not face the militia and Rangers on the other bank. 
The French withdrew, having caused a lot of damage. The English had saved half the settlement, but many of the inhabitants were killed in the battle.

Probably a French victory..of sorts!

Tough game - but seemed to be enjoyed by the players!

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