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Wednesday 20 March 2013

First try at my Solo rules!

As the title suggests, I have been using a modified version of my solo rules for Wings of Glory, to play X-Wing - It seems to work quite well to me..so far!

For an opponent, I deployed 4 standard 'Black squadron' Tie fighters..
 I piloted an X-Wing, and the solo system ran the other 'Red squadron' X-Wing.
 I and my wingman moved forward.
 The Ties advanced too, but at slightly different speeds.
The next move continued the trend, 2 of the Ties were moving to outflank us! 
 I seemed to be outside the line of attack, my wingman was facing 2.
 Both sides advanced, but passed without getting a shot (touching bases).
 The other 2 Ties sped past..what was their plan?
 I turned hard right, my wingman sped on to make distance from the Ties.  The Ties were mostly turning hard right onto our tails. 
 My sharp turn allowed me to get a shot on a Tie..and hit him for 1 damage.
 The Tie took out 1 of my shields. 
 Next turn, I turned to attack the rearward Tie, which had performed a Koiogran turn.
 My wingman had also done a Koiogran turn
 But failed to hit a Tie which Koiogran turned in front of him. 
 As I turned back to the fray, I got shot at, but wasn't hit. 
 My 'Focus' saved me!
 The Ties kept after me, but failed to hit. 
 My wingman was coming to help though!
My luck held as I covered my wingman...
 ..as he got a killing shot on a Tie I had hit earlier.
2 out of 3 hit! 
 We turned again next turn, and I damaged another Tie at short range. 
 I Koiogran turned and hit a Tie. 
 Leaving 2 of the Ties behind, I joined my wingman chasing the third. Return fire took out my last shield though.
 Another Koiogran turn let me shoot ineffectually at the Tie.
 Rubbish dice again!
As I chased the Tie, My wingmans turn allowed him to shoot another, he wasn't hit. 
As my wingman and I split up, a Tie shot at me at long range, but didn't hit!
 Next turn, we manoeuvred menacingly! 
 as I turned in, I got 2 hits from a lucky Tie. We did nothing!
 We both forged on and my Wingman damaged a Tie...
 ..I got a hit on a damaged Tie and he exploded.
 My next turn got a shot at another Tie.
 The Ties split up and attacked both our ships, avoiding our fire.
We luckily found ourselves in position to kill one of them.
 We then chased after the last Tie, which was Koiogran turning, he didn't hit though.
 I got a damage point on the Tie as we passed...
 As my wingman circled round after the Tie, I Koiogran turned on him, and he on me!
We both fired and took the last point off each other...Kaboom! 
 So the Rebels won!, it was an exciting game to play, even solo!

And finally...

I got a weird shot of my dice on the starfield cloth when my camera went off unexpectedly!

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