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Saturday 15 December 2012

Wings of Glory campaign game

Today (Saturday), was the last club day till 2013, so a 'Beer and Pretzels' game was in order! - Dave from the Napoleonics lot joined us for a Wings of War/Glory game, and Gareth was interested to see what the game was about. Both agreed to join our campaign...so the fight was on!

The Germans were a Roland, on a reconnaisance mission, and five Albatros Dvs escorting.
These would be run by my solo system. 
 Lawrence decided to fly a Sopwith Camel.
 The rest of us boarded SE5a's
 The Germans closed, keeping their formation.
 We manoeuvred to our right, leaving Lawrences Camel facing 3 enemies!
 The first contact was brutal, but the RFC had the advantage in damage, though Ian's SE caught fire.
 We passed though each others line, then jockeyed to gain the rear of the Germans.
 Lawrence weaved in front of his three opponents.
Ian's plane managed, despite the fire in his engine to get a long shot. 
 Despite having to dodge two other Albatrosses, a further burst caused more damage.
 The other SEs and the Germans moved to join the furball!
 ..but neither side managed a shot as they passed.
 Lawrence moved to engage the lone Albatross left facing him.
 The other planes continued turning and shooting.
 Lawrence managed a shot at his Albatross, before his guns jammed.
 Both sides broke contact before turning to engage again.
Daves SE got the better of a frontal battle with an Albatross. 
The SEs were getting the better of the exchanges. 
 Ian got another good shot and killed an Albatross.
 Ian carried on and severely hit a second Albatross. 
 Already damaged, the Albatross fell.
 Dave and I were meanwhile fighting the Roland.
 Ians pass continued bringing him near to Lawrence who was losing his fight with the Albatross.
 Gareth got a good hit on an Albatross that was attacking me.
 We managed briefly to get 3 planes against one Albatross..
 But Lawrence had to turn to fight his original opponent.
 The rest of us jockeyed for position.
Another pass saw the Germans losing the firefights again.
 The Roland returned and hit my SE. 
 Dave came to my support, but I took a 'Bang' result from the Roland, which, with a campaign rule meant I was wounded severely and  took an A damage card each turn till I left the table, If i failed to leave, I would pass out and crash.
 The Roland rear gunner now hit Gareth.
 Ian was still circling and shooting!
 The Roland continued and hit Dave's SE.
 ..then ran into Lawrence's Camel.
 My escape failed, and my plane plummeted to earth.
 Ian, meanwhile,  managed to get a third Albatross!
 So as per the campaign rules, with 50% losses, the  remaining Germans flew home.
 Ian had an amazing personal tally for the day, but he and and the rest of the RFC planes all returned to base with badly shot up machines. At least they survived!

I, of course, now have a new replacement pilot to train up.....

The Solo rules and Campaign rules can be downloaded from Tyneside Wargames club

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