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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Thrown to the Pigs again!

After a weekend at work, followed with a weekend suffering from a vomiting bug, I got a chance to play Pig Wars for myself!

                                    (We actually got 2 games in, but I only got pics of the first!)

The target of our attack was a Scottish settlement, guarded be a few local militia.
They were distributed with a Mailed warrior supported by 2 Peasant spearmen or archers.
Phil's Vikings came on opposite the Cow enclosure..
Ian's Vikings came on near the main road into the settlement.
I came on opposite Ian, following the edge of the stream.
Phil's men began looting almost immediately...
Ian had fewer tagets to pillage, and headed for the Hetmans house, where richer pickings were likely to be found.
Two of Phil's men even took Nob the ploughman captive!
..while his main body moved to take the muckle coos!
Half my men saw a house to the right and forded the stream to attack!
My main body, avoiding Phil's men who were stealing everything in sight, moved towards a paddock containing 2 horses.
The Scots guarding the Hetmans house watched me carefully.
Some of Phil's raiders headed off table, loaded with loot and captives...cuiously followed by a long, curved furrow!!!!
Back at the ford, Phil's main body indulged in a missile fight with the Scots guards.
Ian's men had reached the settlement, and were fighting some of the Scots guarding the Hetmans house.
 Phil's men, leery of attacking the Scots guards, tried to outflank them.
On the far side of the settlement, my archers were keeping the defenders occupied. 
 My Lord entered the paddock, 2 of Ian's men foolishly tried to take the other horse from under my lord's beard..bad move!
NEVER argue with a larger force..or a man with a big axe!
Phil's men finally attacked the Cattle enclosure. 
The Muckle coos seemed distinctly unimpresssed. 
 Ian finally beat the scots, and organised his men to take the Hetmans house. 
 As Ian's men ransacked the Hetmans house, my men took the horses. 
 Phil's men took the cows...sorry, coos!
 Ians men took the children.
Suddenly..A horn blast...The Hetman appeared behind my position! 
 He rapidly came after the nearest Vikings...Me!
Ian and Phil's men took their loot and avoided the vengeful Lord! 
Eyed by some leery Scots, my men took their booty off table. 
 ..While the Celtic Lord tried to catch me.
 Wary of being caught, my Viking warriors formed to fight the pursuers.
 The result was never in doubt, the Scots were poorly armed...
 ...and despite a hard fight that cost me several men, the Hetman finally surrendered

Phil was the clear winner, and I slyly took second place from Ian by capturing the Hetman!

Fun game!


  1. Sounded and looked like a good and fun game sir.....

  2. Nice game. Especially enjoyed your stone walls...good job.

  3. Looked like a good game. I'll get the lowdown from Ian at work tomorrow!

  4. Nice report. Nice terrain and models too.