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Sunday, 29 July 2012

ANOTHER work day!

Yes, another day working when I should have been wargaming!

I did, as usual, get into the club to eat my M+S butties and take a few pics of happy folk!

The game I should have been playing -- WW1 Spearhead.
 ..Small numbers of Germans attacking across a river..
 ..in the face of hordes of French.
 ..with Cavalry!, a win for the French rather too likely I think!
 More French! - Napoleonic this time, battling Austrians.
Rather smaller French, again Napoleonic -using Grande Armee.
 Everywhere you looked, there were French!
 Surely our die-hard ancient players would buck the trend?
Mais, Non!
Franco Prussian war!
 Very dashing!
 Ah - in one corner, a boardgame of Okinawa in WW2!
The French haven't taken over the world completely!

Sadly, this was the last club day until early September - Our regular August painting break!

We will be back after Border Reiver, this year at Gateshead Stadium.

Be happy! 


  1. Thanks for the pics Richard. Can't believe it's nearly August already and I haven't managed a game down the Club ! Still, I'll pencil in the Christmas meeting and stock up on the vodka!