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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Russian storm!

Today we did a WW2 skirmish in a different way - We  decided to use a reinforced platoon of German paratroops (Fallschirmjager) and try and defend against a Red army small company run by the solo system.

Ian's force deployed a PaK 40 covering the road
 The rest of Ian's force deployed in a wood.
At the front was a Stug 3 and a 75mm gun. 
Lawrence on Ian's right, over the river, deployed in rough ground. 
 ..and placed an armoured car on a ford facing the Russians.
I had my section well forward on the river in front of Ian's men.
The Russians deployed randomly, Lawrence faced a large force..
 ...I faced rather less!
 Lawrences armoured car, in plain view, was soon under fire.. 
 The first shot blew a wheel off!
 On the other flank, my men held their fire as the enemy advanced.
 My Panzerschrek team fired at and missed a T-34 
 The Russians failed to spot this, and the next shot hit! - the crew of the tank was stunned by a partial penetration, and it ground to a halt.
The other T-34 facing me was shot at by Ian's PaK 40..
 ..and Stug 3
 My men had fallen back --and helped disable the tank.
..The crew wisely baled out!
 The supporting Russian infantry was roughly handled too!
 In the centre, Russian infantry surged on. 
 ..supported by tanks on their left. 
The poor German armoured car survived several shots.
 On my flank the Russians forced the river. 
 In the Russian centre, despite heavy German fire, they crossed the river too. 
 The Russian left smashed forward, one tank was damaged by Lawrences Panzerjager teams. 
 ..before they fell back in the face of Russian infantry
 On my flank, Ian and my infantry overwhelmed the Russian infantry facing us.
 As they fell back, Lawrences men destroyed a T-34..
 That was it though, the Russians were through our line..

Despite all our efforts and Ian's dice rolling!

It was a good battle, the solo system performed well,  making the Russians as brave and tenacous as they seem to have been!


Ian, Lawrence and me, obviously!


  1. Good pictures and action sir....

  2. Damn, beaten to the comment! It seemed like a good game - Writeup and pics kept me interested (As I was reading, I thought I will have to comment on the good pictures and action but see above).