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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Rangers in Danger!

This week we did a French and Indian wars skirmish!

The scenario involves a party of Rangers, with Indian and militia allies, being pursued back to a settlement by a larger force of French and Indians.
In case of emergencies, we decided to put a detached company of His Brittanic Majesties 22nd regiment of foot in the settlement!

The battlefield: seen from the settlement.
The company of the 22nd foot, forming in the settlement.

Retreating Mohawk and Delaware indians in the woods.

The Rangers retreating down the road.
The Delawares scouts turn to face their pursuers...
.. Hurons and Compagnie franche de la Marine troops.
..pursuing on a broad front.

The loyal Delaware and Mohawk indians moved towards the ford.

 The colonial militia halted short of the river and ford to face the pursuit.
 Soon, the French were catching up.
 The Rangers, moving quickly down the road, reached the ford first. 
The Mohawks crossed further upstream. 
 The scouts, covering the road, saw the French and fired!
 Two men fell, and the French halted.
 The riflemen retreated to reload in safety.
..but the stunned French had taken cover from their unseen assailants.
Some Hurons, passing the French, saw the Rangers crossing the ford..
  A Ranger fell dead.
 The rest of the Rangers turned and fired back.
 ..but only wounded one of their assailants.
 The militia also saw some Huron.
 The Rangers, having fired, retreated over the ford.
 Some Delawares halted, to cover the other ford.
 The Mohawks accompanying them took up position on a hill covering this second ford.
 The Militia were holding their ground as more Hurons attacked.
 As they reloaded, the scouts were ambushed, losing one of their number.
 Back on the road, the French and indians were being held..
By Delaware fire... 
..and the Rangers. 
 The Mohawks, now in position, joined in.
 A Ranger was dispatched to bring the regulars up.
 The French renewed their attack.
The scouts took another wound as they crossed the second ford.
 The militia, being overfaced, also retired to the river.
 The French tried to outflank the retreating militia.
 ..but were stopped by heavy fire from the bluff.
 The militia crossed the river and fired at the pursuing French. They all ducked apart from the French officer and his drummer!
 More French joined the fight to cross the river.
 ..the Militia fell back with the Mohawks up the wooded hill.
 The Company of regulars marched to the rescue.
 The Rangers switched places with the Delawares.
 ..but could not prevent the Mohawks and militia retreating over the hill. 
 ..and passed the jeering regulars
 Meanwhile, the Rangers were holding their own..
 Fighting with musket and tomahawk.
 The unengaged Hurons attacked over the hill.
 The Rangers were still fighting for their lives and could not help.
Enter the Regulars!
 The hillside was swept clear of enemies.
 The remaining French finally retreated!

The English raised a loud Hurrah as the pursuing French fled!

The Players:

Ian (Mohawks) - and Lawrence (Militia)
Danger Ranger himself! -- Phil 

I , of course ran the Delawares and the scouts. The solo system ran the French!

The Rules used are my own, and can be downloaded from Rules  -- if you're interested!


  1. Great report and awesome photos.

  2. Great read and interesting game as always sir!

  3. Thanks guys! - its always nice to know people like the posts!
    The downside of FIW gaming is that we will probably shaking Indians out of the terrain for weeks!