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Saturday 25 February 2012

Damsels and Indians!

Well! - at least I remembered my camera this week!

We did a French and Indian war skimish this week, the scenario being a rescue of 2 ladies being held by the French after a raid, and we would run a small party of Rangers, Militia and friendly indians to free them!

The Ranger commander had 2 choices - to attack down the left of the table or the right?
He chose to bring his force down the left side!
The leading Delaware indians on the left, met the first party of ambushing Hurons.. 
 ..the greater numbers of Delawares rapidly began to tell as Hurons fell! 
 Losing the firefight, the remaining Hurons charged uphill with tomahawks!
The Delawares, however, butchered them and pursued into the woods!
The militia followed the Delawares..
 In the centre, the Rangers and militia moved through the woods stealthily..
 ..Two groups of Hurons to their right saw them and attacked! 
 A Ranger fell, an arrow in his throat!
The Rangers formed up and returned fire. 
The Hurons attacking in the open were shot up and scattered. 
The Militia and Rangers continued unmolested to positions overlooking the Farmhouse. 
The Delawares reached a position overlooking the river leading to the farmhouse. 
 The Delawares, seeing no enemy, crossed the open ground leading to the river. 
 The rest of the militia and delawares pushed hard to keep up!
 Suddenly, from across the river, a group of Hurons fired!
 One of the brave Delawares fell dead and his companions wavered!
 The Hurons, seeing the Delawares halt, moved forward to take scalps!
 Another of the Delawares fell, gravely injured...but they shot back.
 A dead Huron floated down the river! - his companions, seeing more Delawares approaching, fell back to cover on their side of the river.
 Soon, with Militia support, the Hurons were losing the fight! 
 Both sides raced for the river - where the Delawares were victorious!
In the centre, Ranger scouts spotted some French and indians around the Farmhouse! 
...The Delawares were, meanwhile, outflanking the farmhouse...
 Spotting the Ranger scouts, the Hurons at the farm raced out to attack...
 ..The Rangers and militia stepped forward and fired a volley!
 The French and Hurons were decimated and fled!
 Surrounded on all sides, the French officers surrendered their captives graciously.
 ..while the Delawares and other indians found some well deserved liquid cheer!
Ending (a) for ladies...
The black haired scout leader approached his beloved, and casting aside his long rifle, he caught Catherine up in his strong arms and placed a gentle kiss on her neck...

The real ending, (b) for blokes...

As the ladies approached the safety of the Ranger position, they cast an ascerbic look over the assembled officers
As they passed they were heard to comment ' At least the French are Gentlemen!' to which her companion replied, ' Well.. at least they WASH!'


Rangers: Phil
Main Militia force: Lawrence
Rear left militia: Me
Delawares, and the French: Run by the solo system!


  1. Sounds like it was a good game. Wish I'd been able to stay longer and actually see it!

  2. What rules were used to "cast aside his long rifle, catch Catherine up in his strong arms and place a gentle kiss on her neck..." ? :-D
    Grand looking game.

  3. Ah-those would be the 'Pro Nauseam' supplimentary rules I have absolutely NO WISH TO PUBLISH!