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Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Seven Ronin

In a blatant tribute to Akiro Kurosawa's great film 'The Seven Samurai' - we did a version of the final climactic battle!

The village we were defending.
2 Ronin (Lawrences) waiting on 1 road facing the stream...
Their opponents approached.
Another force came down another road.
Wher two more Ronin (Ians) were waiting.
Our leader (Phil) was in the middle of the village, marshalling some trained villagers!
My two Ronin faced the main bridge into the village..
They were soon being attacked too!

Ian's Ronin came out bravely to face the massed horde!
Phil seemed to be leading a dancing class, but detached some villagers to support us!
Lawrence sent his Ronin to contest the ford.
Phil sent 2 bowmen to shoot in my support at long range..
 One of the raiders fell with an arrow in his chest!
 Lawrence's Ronin joined battle, supported by an old man from the village.
 My Ronin moved to a tree which protected our rear, and waited.
 Ian's men were soon fighting the horde! - dealing out Katana death!
 Lawrence's Ronin killed an armoured bandit, the old man walloped his opponent with a stick!
 Back at the ford, the Ronin were forced by numbers to give ground. 
 On my flank, the bandit leader approached in the rear of his force.
His advanced force attacked my Ronin. 
 Meanwhile, Ian's men were being outflanked, some of Phil's villagers moved to defend the barricades.
 As my Ronin fought off the massed rebels, Phil sent our leader to help! 
 The pressure on Ian's Ronin increased, and one of his Ronin was wounded!
 The pressure on Lawrence became too much, and his Ronin fled back to the village. The bandits swarmed across the stream in pursuit.
 My men were fighting and holding our own.
 Ian was holding too, but his Ronin was wounded again. Things looked grim!
 The bandits were fighting the villagers behind them.
Seeing the danger, Ian's Ronin withdrew into the village.
 Lawrence's Ronin were surrounded and separated by enemies!
 The pile of bodies in front of my position continued to grow...
 Until the Bandit chief and his armoured retinue attacked me! 
Lawrences men were, surprisingly, keeping the enemy at bay! 
Phil's Ronin leader was pushed back, but my Ronin seemed to be winning! 
 Ian's shorter line seemed to be holding too.
 Lawrences opponents were falling in droves!
 My Ronin left the tree and attacked!
 Phil's Ronin was wounded by a Yari...
 ..But one of my Ronin fell dead with a Yari in his belly! -catastrophe! 
 With a final attack, my last Ronin slew the Bandit chief!
Phil's Ronin leader dispatched his stubborn opponent as well!
 The rest of the surviving bandits began to fall back..
 ..before fleeing to the safety of the countryside! - Banzai!!! 

What a close game it was! - we could have lost at any time!

Great fun though!


  1. Awesome looking battle, what rules were you using?

  2. Thanks Sean!
    The rules are my own, freely downloadable at: http://tynesidewargames.co.uk/downloads.html

    Hope you like them!