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Sunday 12 February 2012

American Civil War - the return!

We did a second playtest of the ACW skirmish rules again today, newly modified after the last game 2 weeks ago (I was working last Saturday!) - This worked much better - with only a few minor modifcations needed to the rules before our next game being identified.
Poor Ian wasn't able to join us this week as he has a poorly foot - get better soon!

The battlefield, a fenceline to the right, and stream in the distance.
 The view from the fenceline. 
A raw company of Federal troops from Ohio.
 My Confederate opponents, Phil (left) and Lawrence.
 The Virginia company, as expected deployed at the fenceline.
 Most moved to line it. 
..but on the left they moved toward the Federal line.
Seeing the Rebs at extreme range, 2 squads deployed and fired a volley. 
1 dead and 2 wounded, poor shooting. 
 In their turn, one squad moved after firing, and dove for the trees.
 Even though only half the enemies numbers, they disabled 2 and wounded 1!
 While the Federals reloaded, the second line of Rebs fired.
 ..and more bluecoats fell.
 The other half of the Federal platoon moved to screen their comrades, and fired.
 While the other platoon reloaded, the rest moved into a wood facing the rebels. 
On the Confederate side, more units moved to the wood opposite. 
 With no enemies in site, the (now reloaded) 1st platoon moved to their wood too. 
The Rebs, mesmerised, watched the blue mass manoeuvering! 
Both sides had unconsciously decided the main fight was to be between the woods. 
 2 squads of Rebels moved to a 'crater' to the left of their wood. 
 The Virginians waited.
 The Union forces were almost in position to begin the fight.
 Phil's men from the crater got a stern talking to! 
 ..as they stepped out of cover and attack the Federal held wood!
 The platoon on their left disobeyed orders and covered them from cover rather than join the advance!
 The first volley from the Feds was virtually inneffective (I was wondering if my D8 HAD any scores above 4 or 5!)
 The Confederates return fire reflected their greater confidence and ability! Youch! 
One Federal squad fled, well, what was left of them!
  The second line of Ohio boys advanced to relieve their friends.
 ..and hit the Rebs in the wood..
 ..and the guys advancing!
 Rapidly reloading, the Rebels eschewed fire and advanced bravely on! 
 In the Rebel wood, a second line advanced and fired.
 In a remarkable display of accurate fire, one Federal squad was literally blown apart!
 The Ohians stood as the Rebels charged, whoopin' an' Hollerin'.
Belatedly, some Rebs from the wood advanced. The Feds had reloaded.. 
More Confederates advanced, and with their original numerical advantage gone, and the melee going badly, the Federal officer ordered the retreat!

That was a good game! - who would have thought the brave charge across open ground by the Reb left would have succeeded?
(Maybe I should have chanted 'Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg'!!!??)
The result was skewed somewhat by the vagueries of the dice, but no-one was unhappy with the result!
The whole point of dice is to randomise results!

At least we won the War!


  1. Bad day to be a bluebelly, good batrep sir.....

  2. Great batrep. Like the the puffs and drifting smoke.

  3. Lovely work. Very good report!