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Sunday, 2 October 2011

A rush to the shops - 1757!

Yesterday (Saturday) - we returned to the French and Indian wars!

I had picked up 3 nice 'Trading post' buildings at the Border Reiver show in Newcastle a couple of weeks back and was pleased to be able to give them an airing!

The French and Indians were a mixed party of Hurons, Compagnie franche de la Marine troops and a few members of la Milice.
Their aim would be to burn the Trading post.
(These would be run by the games solo system.)
On the English right, a warband of Mohawks held the woods..
In the centre stood the Militia, and backwoodsmen.
..backed up by the storekeepers family!
First contact was made by my 3 scouts - on the far side of the river. 
Both sides fired with no effect. 
 The Hurons rushed the house..
...But my men had escaped!
On the other side of the line, more Hurons were fording the stream.. 
 ..Backed up by hordes of French and irregulars. 
 In the centre, more Huron scouts met the Militia.. 
 ..and were thrown into confusion!
Th Mohawks also met Huron scouts.. 
A fierce skirmish developed!
 The militia in the centre, being outflanked, fell back to the Trading post.
On the left, The French pushed through the house and forded the river... 
..but came under fire from Militia and my scouts.
 The second wave reinforced the attack. 
 ..with equally little success!
In the centre, the Hurons were sniping at the militia in the post. 

Then attacked!
 Back on the left, the militia faced the French bravely.. 
 ..but were fiercely engaged! 
 After a fierce hand to hand battle, the militia prevailed!
My scouts helped repulse the Milice who were pushing round the militias flank. 
The battle turned, soon all the French and Indians were falling back from the militia.. 
 ..and the Mohawks!
Belatedly, some Hurons who had been 'partying' in the house emerged to help -- too late!
So the close run battle ended! - The arrival of Lawrence's daughter Elanor seemed to have changed our luck! - Thanks pet!

The Players:

Ian - Mohawks
Lawrence and Phil- Militia
Me - Scouts.
Elanor - Good Luck Charm!!!

The rules can be downloaded freely from: French and Indian war rules


  1. Nice one...but who goes shopping at 3 minutes to 6...sorry I couldn´t resist :-D

  2. Great looking game. Love the photos.

  3. Quality as always, those trading post buildings are nice.