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Sunday 16 October 2011

Norman's menagerie!

Once again, I was working at the hospital on a Saturday...(sigh!) --rather than having well deserved fun with the lads at the Wargames club!

As usual, I was able to pop in on my lunchbreak to see what was happening...

Phil (AKA Norman D Landings on TMP) was using my Colonial rules - with a few modifications-- to do a Hunt in Africa!
To this end he had painted up some interesting animals for the players to shoot:

 Some Elephants, a Rhino, some Thompson's Gazelles...
3 confused looking Crocks... 
..and a petit pride of Lions! (Gotta love those Goofy teeth!)

So what about the game? - Phil was scribbling away on a pad and Lawrence was Happy-Snapping with his camera.
The After Hunt Report - I am assured, will be on Lawrences Blog: Eclectic Expanding Empires --sometime after Wednesday!

I managed to see a small part of the action...
 The terrain was based around a long winding river - to give the Crocodiles and Rhino somewhere to hang out, I suppose!......
 The players (Ian, Joe and Phil - Lawrence was GameMastering) had a Hunter with a couple of Locals with rifles backing them up - Ian had in addition...
A supply convoy, escorted by a few, apparently nervous, locals. 
 First kill was a harmless Thompson's gazelle (bye-bye Bambi!)
 Second kill was by an irate local....!
 ..who was himself sunk by a hail of lead! - while the caravan headed for cover! 
 After securing their trophies, the Hunters moved onwards.
The caravan following on.....

That was all I saw! - I had to head back to the Salt Mines at that point. Ah well, I look forward to seeing what happened afterwards when Lawrence gets his Blog post together!
(ED: This is now up on Lawrences blog at: Hunting memoirs! - Well worth a read!)

Next week -- with luck--Coastal forces! - and I am not working!!! - :-D


  1. Poor bambi!!!!!
    Interesting...a game with minis where the local flora and fauna are the "baddies".
    As long as they don´t go and kill Dumbo´s mother...that scene when she´s locked up!!!!!:-( The horror!!

  2. interesting and esoteric, excellent work

  3. Interesting game. Great figures.