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Sunday, 5 June 2011

New York state 1758 game

 Finally!! - we got to do our rather unorthodox French and Indian war skirmish game!

Instead of poor English infantry getting ambushed by those dastardly French and their colonial allies, we tried a hotch-potch English colonial force ambushing a compagnie of Metropolitan French infantry!

Scenario: A company of Infantrie regiment Bearn is moving to replace another company at fort Duquesne, they are about to be ambushed by a group of Rangers, colonial militia and assorted Mohawk and Mohican indians...

All seemed quiet to Les Francaises as they approached a river ford...
The two Platoons of French regulars were led and followed by groups of Huron scouts...
..Near the ford a group of Rangers and militia waited.. 
..unseen by the avant-garde of Hurons.
To the right rear of the French, Mohicans lurked..
Suddenly, a Huron spotted the Mohicans - and fired.
..they advanced into a carefully prepared trap..
..leaving one of their men dead to a Mohican rifle shot.
The ambush was devastating as the militia supporting the Mohicans fired!
The hapless Hurons fled.
Far in advance the Avant-Garde walked into a trap of their own..
..Followed by the Regulars.
The Avant -Garde scattered as Mohawks at the river edge opened fire.
The first platoon of Regulars formed line and fired ineffectually!
Two Mohawks were wounded, but they held.
At the rear of the column, another Huron fell to an unseen rifleman.
Then they moved into cover, leaving the French to their fate?
The Rangers and Militia ambushed the French line as it charged the indians at the river.
The second platoon moved up in support...
The regulars focussed fire on the militia...
..and ignored the Rangers.
Seeing an opportunity, more Mohawks broke cover to harass the French rear.
..but lost their war leader and several brave warriors as the French turned on them!
Meanwhile, the last group of Hurons reappeared and joined the attack on the militia!
..but were in turn charged by Mohawks from the river.
The first French platoon fought bravely against overwhelming odds..
..But finally broke. The second platoon fled with them having taken a devastating volley from the Mohicans and their militia who had moved up belatedly to join in the massacre....
For the Mohawks, the fun began......

This was an interesting battle, both sides lost heavily, but surprisingly few indians fell, preferring flight to hopeless last stands!

So much for civilization!

Players: The French were run by the solo system..

Ian - The Mohawks to the French rear
Lawrence- The Militia to the French front left.
Phil - The Rangers
Daniel - The Mohawks at the ford.
Me - the Militia on the French right rear.

The Mohicans were run by the solo system.

The rules are our own - freely downloadable at: French and Indian war skirmish rules

Hope you enjoyed this! - thanks for reading!