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Thursday 17 March 2011

The lay of Gunnar

This was the third and final battle in the saga of Einar and Gunnar. The history and previous battles are available to view at:

1st battle: http://blog.tynesidewargames.co.uk/2010/06/viking-game-29th-june-2010.html

2nd battle: http://herkybird-richardbradley.blogspot.com/2010/11/einar-strikes-back.html


Einars little band of fugitives are trying to escape a vengeful Gunnar, who is trying to get blood-vengeance for a murder by Einar Scumbagga.

Einar is on a headland, awaiting a ship to escape from the pursuit, he needs only a couple of weeks before the license to kill him (1 year) expires.

Gunnar has located Einar, thanks to an informer, and has cut off the headland.

Vengeance beckons.....

The warfield was wooded
with many dark places
for Einar Oath-breaker
to hide from his foes
but no trees would stop
Gunnar's long quest for justice
Gunnar strong warriors
 were well armed with spears
they moved down the headland
in search of the guilty
the wolves would feed well
on Einar's bare bones
Forgrim, Trygge's brother
stood on Gunnar's left
his horses and bowmen
would help in this fight
this Olaffson feared not
the coming sword-song
Guthrum, Einar's kin
 was placed facing Forgrim
Doom-laden warriors
they raised the war-cry
they took no great part
in their kinsmans fight.
Guthrum sent slingers
to tarry with Forgrim
they lost in the battle
with Forgrims archers
Guthrum took shelter
from this arrow storm.
Einar own warriors
sharpened their weapons
Fell men were they
and knew battle well
they well guarded Einar
for he was their kinsman
Gunnar marched forward
the trees slowed him not
keen for swift justice
Gunnar, Ring-Giver
hastened to battle
his axe at his side
Forgrim moved forward
horn in his hand
he would call Gunnar
if he saw Einar
Forgrim went bravely
to battle his foes
Forgrim sent warriors
eagle eyed bowmen
they wounded their enemies
Guthrum the craven
fled from their fury
and went seeking cover
Einar moved forward
his purpose was clear
to cleave a way through
and escape Gunnar's trap
Einar called for Thor's aid
he and his sea wolves.
Gunnar sent warriors
to move behind Einar
and ambush his force
and weaken his strength
they moved in the trees
all hidden from view
Einars men turned
and charged their tormentors
they fought with them bravely
then drove them back
but Gunnars brave men
did not flee from the fight
Einars men assailed
Gunnar's brave warriors
they knew they must win
or die in the trying
Einar stood ready
to make his escape
Gunnar sent forward
slingers to face them
Einars men shot them
and forced them to flee
the slingers withdrew then
as Gunnar had planned
Gunnar deceived them
Einars fell warriors.
Einar pursued those
 pretending to flee
 Einar stormed onwards
and into their trap.
Gunnar came forward
and saw craven Einar
stood with his Berserkir
his archers sent arrows
but Einar escaped them
Gunnar's axe waited. 

Thorgrim came summoned
by Gunnars horn signal.
Their horses leapt forward
their prey lay before them
they cut off  all chance
of doomed Einar escaping.
Einar looked grimly
he now had but one chance
He must murder Gunnar
or die in the trying
he summoned a fury
 likewise his Berserkir
Einar charged bravely
but Gunnars axe bit him
his berserkir were no help
they went hunting archers
Einar strong sword hand
clove Gunnars shield.
Einar Scumbagga
continued the battle
 swift as an eagle
his sword descended
but he won no glory
for Gunnars axe slew him
The end of the battle
at Gunnars bidding
quarter was given
much blood had fallen
no more was needed
the great feud was over

The players:

Einar: Phil    Guthrum: Lawrence   Thorgrim: Ian    Gunnar: Richard

Hope you liked it? -- I did this one very different - in the style of an epic Viking poem!
But as you can see-I am no Skaldir!!

Einar died in ignomy
and burned up in the flames
I'm sure his figure will return
in more of our war-games!

However! - If you want to see Einar's view of this battle, then go to: Link


  1. Nicely done. I like the Eddic Prose.

  2. I like the way this battle is reported on two different blogs..nice one...and a great game report

  3. I like the way the batrep is written like a saga, very good.