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Saturday 6 July 2024

Walk like an Orc, Talk like an Orc

 Today we had all four of us at the club so decided to do Oathmark!

Phil and I had Orc/Goblin forces on one side while Lawrence and Rhoderick had Humans of various Genres.

The Scenario diced up a 'Chance Encounter' with the Humans attacking, What ius a poor Orc to do on the defensive???

We had a simple terrain...

By the end of the first turn, Lawrence had some Vikings on table...
Rhod had brought FOUR big archery units!, but only 2 were on table.
I had 2 big Orc soldier units  (the centre one with a Captain in command) -and a Big block of Orc Archers...
...all backed up with Grund the unruly, a level 2 Spellcaster.
Phil on my right had some Goblin Archers and some Orc Linebreakers.
Grund started well, conjouring a Fireball...
...it toasted a Viking!
I advanced my Soldiers forward, leaving my Archers behind.
The Vikings were advancing too opposite Phil.
I got my last unit, a first outing for my big unit of Goblin Slaves on!
Our Orcy centre was getting in order.
Phil had 2 Goblin archer units on now.
Opposite us, the last of the Vikings had arrived.
Rhod had some more Archers on and advanced them towards my Slaves!!!
Grund made a smokescreen to protect them, several nearby insects fell to the ground, dead!
Phil advanced his Linebreakers with Goblin bows in support.
Grund fired again!
Another hit on a hapless Viking!
Archery followed... but still their morale held!
At the end of another turn, my Orcs and Goblins were cautiously advancing.
The centre was keeping back from all that Human archery.
Phil, too, had come to a halt.
The Humans brought some archers on in support of the Vikings.
They had more behind the thin line of Vikings.
Rhod diverted his bowmen to support the centre.
Phil waited like a patient spider...then pounced!
The Goblin Archers killed several Vikings!
The last Human troops arrived on table...
...their Spellcaster hit one of my Orcs!
Rhod decided to send one of his bow units to face my Slaves, the other shot at my Orcs.
Another four fell! - only the Captain in the unit behind kept them in the fight!
Phil got his first Goblin unit through the wood.
I had my Archers take up position behind my shot-up Orcs.
Together, we shot up that unit od Archers pretty well!
Phil's Level 1 Spellcaster had made it on table finally and used 'Rain of Knives' getting 2 10's!
He needed 10's, and 2 Vikings fell!
My smoke covering the Slaves had dissipated, so I retired my Slaves.
The Orc centre looked pretty solid.
So did our Right.
Lawrence was advancing those Archers to outflank Phil.
The Human centre was not advancing very fast, too many Archers it seemed!

Phil's Goblins shot from their wood...
...Great shooting from the little green guys!
The human Archers were focusing to clear my Orcs in the centre.
The Orcs were still standing their ground!
Grund cast another spell...
Noxious smoke again.
He couldn't help on Phil's side as more Archers approached there.
The poor wood Goblins took heavy losses.
The other Archers on their left let fly at Phil's Linebreakers...
A whole rank disappeared! - they were Disordered!
Rhod saw my Slaves advancing again and shot at them.
I lost three, but they are tough!!!
The Human Magic man shot at the Goblin archers...
...Another two fell in flames!...this time they were disordered!
Unfortunately the outflanking Humans hit the Linebreakers, who broke!
Our right was looking a bit weaker now!
The centre was stabilised, sort of.
The Slaves were ok too!
The Noxious cloud seemed to be keeping the Humans back.
Lawrence on their left was pushing down the flank.
They charged the Goblin Archers in the wood, scattering them!
My Archers shot at them, as the nearest target I could see with all the smoke!
...I took some revenge!
They were Disordered, YAY! - that also protected the flank of Phil's Warriors.
Rhod's bowmen were still shooting against the slaves.
Another good hit and the poor things were disordered.
One of the Human Spellcasters shot another Fireball...
...another Orc fell, but still they held.
Lawrence's archers tried too...
...another dead Orc.
Phil charged a Viking force but only drew in casualties.
Both sides bounced back 1", but were both ok morale wise.
The last Goblin Archers seemed a bit forlorn now.
The Human archers were making a rush for our side of the table.
I asked Grund to get a move on (he failed to activate) but he thought I said Mauve. We now had a purple haze!
My poor slaves were still bravely advancing.
The Humans were still not getting through the magic vapours!!!
Phil's wing was leaking, but hanging on.
Rhod had moved his forces to that wing to try and break through... they shot at Phil's Warriors in the wood.
Untroubled, they charged the last two Vikings.
Despite wiping out their opponents, they lost a single Orc and were Disordered!
The newly arrived Archers now shot at the tired Warriors...
...who of course, Routed!
Rhod's right wing Archers shot again...
...I had been unable to get my Disorder off, and the Slaves scattered!
My Archers shot at the last (disordered) unit in the wood...
...I killed three and they Routed too!
Grund got his act together...
...two turns late, but I smoked off the rest of Rhod and Lawrences' Archers in the centre.
Turn 9, and Lawrence tried to bypass the smoke and break past my massed Orcses!
...My Archers shot again killing two.
Grund was now on a roll, and loosed a Fireball...
Two of those pesky archers died.
Rhod realised he was not going to get his bowmen to the winning line...
In the centre, they were held up too.
Only on the Huiman left were they making headway.
The Purple haze was getting...higher!
Phil withdrew his last Goblin Bow unity and his Spellcaster to safety in the centre.
I stabilised my line behind the Smoke.
At the end of the game, Lawrence had one unit within 12" of our table edge, and possibly could have got one other following unit (with a 'Stolen March' spell) to the winning line too.
We therefore had an Orc and Goblin Victory! - surely we had taken more casualties, but we had held them up to day's end.

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