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Saturday 6 April 2024

How big is too big?

 Today we introduced a new guy, Stu, to our games, and I brought down my beloved Dwarf army for him to use (it is a forgiving army!) - and he joined Lawrence with his Elves.

We were also trying my new points system and redone Spell Casting Numbers.

I got to use almost every Orc and Goblin in my collection, having just finished them a week ago...

I was forced to deploy my Horde on the difficult side, my Goblin Scouts and Wolfriders would have to go through marshes.

My Centre was composed of Orc soldiers, Bows and Spears.
I had the Goblins on my right...including slaves! - and 3 Trolls!
My...sorry, Stu's Dwarves were deployed in depth.
Lawrence deployed his Elves in his usual 1-2 deep formations...he had slightly more than before due to their lessened cost in my system.
Lawrence could have had a few more, but forgot to repoint his Archers!!!
I had so many figures, I had 2 units off table at game start!
Stu's Dwarf Spellcaster was hard at work, giving 'Gathering of Crows' to units that needed it.
My Wolves started through the marshes.
The Elf mage cast a spell...
My scouts lost a Wolf to a fireball!
Lawrence placed his mounted Rangers to counter my Wolves.
At the turn end, my Wolves were advancing alongside my Orcs.
The Orcs were advancing, and I got my 2 off table units on!
I sent my Trolls forward with a Goblin slinger screen.
Lawrence's archers shot off another Wolfrider.
The Dwarven bows shot...
My forward Orcs took heavy casualties!
As my Scouts moved out of the Marshes, they too got shot.

My Orc Spears also got within range of the Elvish bows.
The Elves were forming a defensive line...
...anchored on the wood.
My Orcs continued to attack, despite the Archery.
My Orcish archers found a target...
...and took a couple of Elves down.
Amazingly, these Elves failed a Morale check!
My Scouts were now protected by 'Mystic Shield' and the Wolfriders had 'Fleetfeet'
My Leading units in the centre were battered, but not Disordered.
The Trolls finished pushing trees aside.
The Dwarves moved to oppose them.
Apart from the disordered Spears, the Elves seemed in fine shape.
I charged my Spears into the Elves and lost big time!
The survivors were, understandably, disordered!
I got an Orc Soldier unit led by my General to charge the Disordered Elves.
The Elves routed, but the Orcs took losses too...
...leaving them Disordered.
Lawrence shot at them with his Rangers...
3 more fell, but they didn't break.
My Orc Archers shot at the Dwarven Archers, killing one.
Untroubled, they shot back...
Damaging my Orcish lead units more!
The Elven mounted Rangers shot again...
...Despite their Magic Shield, another scout fell.
Their return shooting killed a Ranger!
My Wolfriders tried to charge into the wood to clear the Rangers there, but failing their Activation were instead shot up badly.
They were disordered, and wouldn't be charging anytime soon.
Lawrence charged his other Spears into one unit, Routing it.
My General's unit also Routed in sympathy!
My last leading unit now took the Elvish fire storm.
On the far left the Dwarven Warriors charged my Goblin slave slingers, and they lost 1 each!!! - My guys were disordered though, no surprise!
The Orcs by the wood were disordered by another arrow storm.
In the centre, the Dwarf spears charged a unit of Orcs, and lost!, they were forced back 6" but my unit was Disordered.
My Scouts were taking a beating and were unable to close.
Those cursed Mounted Rangers!
My Orc Archers had a good turn...
...they shredded the last Elven Spear unit.
My poor Wolfriders and Scouts kept failing Activation.
I got my Orc unit back into good order at least!
My second line, including some Goblins were now preparing another attack.
I moved the Trolls to try and punch through the village.
The Dwarf archers tried to disorder my Orc unit opposite them.
Hey, my unit by the wood charged the Bowmen, winning, though taking casualties.
My unit passed its Morale, and they charged the Dwarven Archers, winning easily.
Those Elven Spearmen turned the Orcish flank, but the Orc Champion there killed 3 of their attackers.  
Of course, the Elf was ok, my Orcs were Disordered!
My poor Wolfriders were still Disordered!
My slave slings KILLED a Dwarven warrior!
...and were run down for their trouble!
As the game ended, my Scouts took more casualties from Archery.
Withe no clear winner, we counted losses, and the Elf/Dwarf alliance won, though not by a massive margin!!!

Phil and Rhod were also doing Oathmark on their table and agreed the new points and Spell Casting numbers made things less unbalanced! If you want to try them they are on the Oathmark Players page, or just e-mail me at richardbradley5@gmail.com and I will send them direct!

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