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Saturday 20 April 2024

A return to France

 Today we decided, well, I did, that we would return to What a Tanker for a couple of games, Oathmark is on the back burner for a short while!

Lawrence loves using British tanks, so we left the Panzerwaffe to my solo system to command.

L and I brought as much terrain as we could carry, and we were off!

The terrain for today.

I had a Sherman 75mm
Phil had another...
...and Lawrence the Sherman Firefly.
Opposite us, the Germans had 3 Panzer IVs...
...2 'H's with Schutzen...
and in command, a 'G'.
We were doing a game across the length of the table, the 'Long Ball'
My luck allowed me to go first, and as I had a clear line of sight albeit at long range, and no Drive dice, I let fly!
Amazingly I hit and rolled 5 hits from my 7 dice! (He was unbuttoned so I got the extra die)
He only rolled 2 Armour saves...
A burning hulk! - this game can be brutal!
Lawrence brought his 'Charlie' tank, the Firefly, through a wood to cover the advance of our 75mm gun tanks.
Poor Phil got no move dice, so stayed in his start position.
Opposite, a Pz.Kpfw. IV had no such problem, and advanced to cover.
The second moved slowly through the wood.
My tank moved forward looking for new targets.
The Firefly Idled in the wood.
The Pz.Kpfw. IV H left the wood and advanced looking for targets.
The Panzer opposite Phil fired at long range.
A near miss, Phil, who had only got a few inches forward so far, was forced to retreat!
My Sherman spotted one of the other German tanks, unaware of me, (he had gone hull down on a hill facing Lawrence) - I hit again!
I got 4 hits! as I was in his flank!
The poor German got no saves...
The tank exploded (after the crew baled.)
The last Panzer retreated off table!

The second game:

We got the 'Corners' scenario, the forces stayed the same.
I was less lucky this game, I couldn't move, so sat like a sitting duck!
the Panzer opposite moved, saw me and fired (twice!)...
 ...both hits! - which damaged my running gear.
Phil advanced to cover me.
At turn end, a Panzer even saved a '6' to advance his play order, smug or what?
My tank was a wreck, I only had 2 command dice left.
Lawrence brought his Firefly forward cautiously.
Phil spotted the Panzer which had hit me.
At long range, he missed.
2 of the Panzers moved to finish me off and engage Phil.
The Panzer leader stayed in cover, trying to acquire Phil.
Lawrence's Firefly had halted by a wood, and poor L couldn't move as he rolled no '1's or even '6's!
Phil, facing all three Panzers(!) took cover behind a wall.
A Panzer pivoted to advance on Phil's new position.
The Firefly must have stopped for Tiffin*!!!
(*:  Is derived from "tiffing", an English colloquial term meaning to take a little drink)
Phil was living on luck, as a second Panzer joined the 'H'.
The 'H' fortunately, didn't acquire him, but the 'G' did!
Tiffin over! - The Firefly started his engine!
The Firefly only moved slowly (was the commander not wanting to spill his tea?)
Phil was still trading shots with the first Panzer.
I was slowly getting command dice back, so slowly moved through the wood.
Lawrence moved before the Panzer could react, firing on the move, he hit the German in the flank.
The 'G' continued taking on Phil alone, getting closer for a better shot.
Phil retreated into the wood, he had made a valiant stand alone against the odds!
Lawrence turned and moved on the flank of the Germans facing Phil.
He got another shot...
...another hit, and another dead crew!
My battered tank got on the flank of the last 'H'...
 ...but my shot bounced off.
Phil didn't move from his cover.
Lawrence didn't get a firing solution...
The German got 4 Drive dice...and 'Legged it'!

So, a much more difficult game the second game! It was good to see the Firefly using historical tactics and doing so well!!!

More to the point we, as usual, had a great time!

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