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Saturday 6 January 2024

Oathmark; Old enemies, new friends

 Today we introduced Phil to Oathmark, he being the only one of our group not to have yet had a game, though he had read the rules.

My ever victorious Dwarves have been driven to join their erstwhile Elven enemy to face a common threat from an Orc and Goblin invasion.

The battlefield today.

It was the first time I had got my Fantasy Pegasus buildings out!
My left, 10 Dwarf Linebreakers 8 Militia, and 15 Spearmen, along with my Mage, Dolmio!
To their right, More Dwarf spears and Archers led by Dolmio's Apprentice, Pesto.
On or right 3 units of Elven archers, screened by 3 units of Humans.
I faced Phil with 3 Trolls, 3 large archer units, and some human soldiers. In the lead a big block of 20 Orc Linebreakers.
Lawrence faced Roderick's Human Heavy cavalry, 3 Goblin and 1 human ranger bow units! they had 2 Spellcasters too!
Our first Activation rolls were both doubles!!!
A spooky Apparition appeared in front of Phil's Trolls!
One of them was shaken, not too bright, are they!!!
On the plus side, they discovered an Oathmark which gave an ooomph to their morale when they were close to it!
The battle started with one of Rod's Mages shooting a rain of knives...
...one of them hit a human!
Rod's Rangers entered the wood giving room for the heavy cavalry to advance.
Apart from the panicky Troll, Phil got most of his force advancing.
...as did I, my only failure was my Spellcasters who failed to do much.
The Elves were advancing too.
The Goblin Mage oddly in an archer unit, sent more knives towards the Elves.
The usual single casualty was the result.
Dolmio got a Fireball off, which toasted the already Shaken Troll, but it still stayed around.
A bunch of (?) Goblin archers let fly at my Spearmen...
They took a casualty, and became Shaken...Shameful!
The 2 Elf Spellcasters were giving their Archers 'True Fight' and one a 'Mystic Shield'.
At the end of turn I was only at risk with my small, shaken, Spear unit.
My left was advancing.
The Orcs were advancing too, but the Trolls were hiding behind a house!
Rod, only having his Cavalry as a shock arm, bravely trotted forward.
Another Human fell to the rain of Knives.
Pesto tried to help my beleaguered spearmen... 
...he cast 'Fortress on them, giving them Shielding 3.
This protected them, but my Archers behind were out of range.
Some Goblin archers got a good hit on the Human Spearmen.
The Rangers, who had been very effective last game as my Allies, were now supporting the bad guys...
...equally well!
The Archers fell back to allow the Heavy Horse forward.
Lawrence's Human Linebreakers were feeling like arrow fodder.
The Archers behind them, not yet affected by the 'Afflict' spell being cast by the Goblin Mage, shot back.
They felled a Heavy Cavalryman!...
...who like by Dwarf Spearmen, failed their morale and became Shaken.
The third Elf unit also shot.
...and took down 2 Knights in the other unit!
Those Rangers shot in their support...
...and wiped out the Human Linebreakers!
More Goblins shot...
...More Humans died.
Pesto decided to help...
The now unprotected Elven Archers now had a 'Fortress' spell's protection.
He couldn't get to the Spearmen though, who soon fell.
My Archers wheeled round and shot.
Two of Phil's human Soldiers fell.
Another turn end, Dolmio was issuing 'Gathering of Crows' to all my front rank units.
My Centre was ok, all my units were now steady.
The Elves were short of Melee troops.
Phil was renewing his attack...expanding his line with the Trolls.
Rod was static, only his Cavalry were acting offensively.
A member of Lawrence's last Human units fell...
...Goblin archers again.
The Elf Archers were able to down another Knight.
These were Shaken again.
The Rangers, shooting in support seriously damaged the Human unit.
The last 2 Knights broke and ran as another Elven unit hit them with arrows.
Not bad for a unit under the effects of 'Afflict'
Despite their magical protection, my central Spear unit took 3 casualties from a hidden Human bow unit.
They continued to attack, but took more losses from Goblin Archers.
Those Human Archers were becoming a problem!
Dolmio cast a last 'Crows' spell...
...and protected my Linebreakers.
Just in time, as another Goblin Bow unit shot at them.
Pesto spotted a Troll - and launched a Fireball, which incinerated a Troll!
Phil's Orc Linebreakers tried to charge my weakened centre Spearmen in flank, but they failed their Activation! - a pity that the Human Archers didn't!
My Spearmen passed and charged the Human Soldiers, causing 3 losses for none on themselves!
On my left, my Linebreakers took another loss to those cursed Goblins!
On our Elven flank, another of the dwindling screen of Humans died.
This was more than offset as 2 more Knights fell.
The survivor was Shaken, understandably.
The Human archers continued to whittle my brave Spearmen.
The Orcish Linebreakers now took 5 casualties from my bowmen, who had been enhanced by the Elvish Mage with 'Trueflight'.
My last Spear unit now wheeled and charged the flank of the Shaken Linebreakers...
...These now broke and ran!
The last night fell to Elvish Archers.
At this point the game ended.
The Orcs conceded, their points loss dwarved the losses taken by the Elves and Dwarves. It was a good game, which could so easily have gone either way!

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