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Saturday 13 January 2024

Oathmark: The offensive continues...

 Today we once again played Oathmark, and again my Dwarves and Lawrence's Elves were against Phil and Roderick with their Orc and Goblin armies.

The terrain for today (Rod's) and the armies deployed.

Rod faced me with some Humans (Vikings!) and Goblin archers in mass...very sociable types, Goblins!!!
Phil faced Lawrence, with some more Goblin Archers supported by 3 Trolls and some Orc Warriors.
At the end of turn 1: My Dwarves were advancing, my Heavy Linebreakers struggling through some ruins on my right.
Lawrence had some Elven Spears and Archers, supported by some Dwarf soldiers and some Wulvers.
Phil advanced his Orcs too.
Rod had some Rangers in the wood supporting his Vikings and Goblins.
A Troll fell in a huge conflagration...
Lawrence had a Dwarf Spellcaster with explosive Ammunition for his Ballistas.
One crew was cut down, literally...
...by a Rain of Knives spell from a Goblin Spellcaster.
Another Troll fell to Elvish Archery.
Lawrence shot his second Ballista...
2 Orc Warriors were hit!
Big guys, crappy morale! - they became disordered!
Another turn over, my Dwarves were advancing still, though my flank was STILL in the ruins, My mistake placing them there!
The Elves were looking strong, despite losing a Ballista.
The Orc leader and Spellcasters hid behind a small hill.
Rod put his men in column to advance between the woods.
It looked like I was seriously outnumbered!!!
Goblin arrows killed the last Ballista.
My Spellcaster took out the last Troll with a Fireball.
His Apprentice...
...put smoke in front of the Rangers to protect my advancing Spearmen.
My Spellcaster's apprentice hit the Orc Warriors again.
They Routed past the sneering Goblin Archers.
An Goblin Bow unit in the centre also got Fireballed...
...By the Elvish Spellcaster.
My Spellcaster, having got some units a shield of Crows, now shot at some Orcs...
Despite hiding in ruins, my hit was devastating.
Lawrence's Elven bowmen were hit badly...
...by those Rangers, cheekily having used my smokescreen to mask their advance.
They then withdrew to cover behind the smoke.
On Lawrence's flank, his Dwarves were hit hard by the Goblin Archers.
Rod had 2 one man units of Rangers, one popped through the smoke an killed one of my spearmen.
I took another loss from the Goblins, who were now in range.
My Spellcaster used the new turn to shoot at those Orcs in the ruins...
...another brilliant hit!
The survivors fled!
On Lawrence's flank, two Elven spearmen fell...
A big unit of Human Archers had arrived.
Lawrence's Wulvers were hit by the Goblin Archers.
My Apprentice cast a spell...
...and damaged one of the Viking units.
My flanking move had finally cleared the ruins and was trying to get round the flank.
My co-ordinated attack had gone to pot!
The Elves were taking losses, but holding.
Phil was running out of troops.
Rod was pushing forward to attack me.
I charged the weakened Viking unit, which had already activated, but Rod threw some good dice!
...my Spearmen were repulsed.
The Elven archers shot back at the Humans.
Three Archers fell.
My poor spearmen, being forward of the line took a lot of Archery.
One of my rear units was hit too!
...by a rain of knives!!!
My Archers disordered the Human Militia with their fire.
My men were struggling to keep Rod's men bottled up between the trees.
The Elves were standing, now protected with 'Fortress' spells from their Dwarf Spellcaster.
Phils Gobbo Archers were still disordered from seeing the Orcs routing.
Rod was trying to move through the woods to engage my flanking units.
Lawrence's Dwarves were still advancing on the Goblins, bravely, as Dwarves do.
The Wulvers attacked the Goblin archers behind the hill...
...they made a nice snack!
The Elf Bowmen shot again...
...more human archers fell.
My Militia failed in their attack on the Rangers behind the smoke, I won, but they killed four of my men.
My Archers shot at one of the one men units.
...he was killed four times over!
The Orc Spellcaster worked a Magic...
...and 'Afflict'ed my Archers.
One of our Spellcasters took him out though, before he could do more damage!
My front spear unit was unable to activate and stood, being shot at.
Another turn over...
Phil put his Captain on the flank of his Goblin Bowmen, where he were attacked by the Wulvers, and became dog-meat!
My Dwarf spearmen were still holding!
Another Human Bowman fell...
Even weakened, Elvish Bowmen are good.
At this point the smoke screen disappeared! -Annoyingly, my Militia failed to activate!
My Archers shot even though Afflicted.
Rod's Militia was Disordered.
Tjos Rangers in the wood shot my Militia.
My reserve Spears killed the last one man unit!
The Goblin Archers were still whittling down my poor spear unit.
Rod's Viking charged my Spearmen, but we caused equal losses, so bounced off each other.

At this point we had to call it a day, and despite it seeming a close game, the Elven/Dwarvish forces won on points by a substantial margin!

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