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Saturday 28 October 2023


 Today, after a gap of 14 months, at my pal Lawrences suggestion, we returned to an old friend, Samurai skirmishing! Using my own rules)

As we couldn't bring a lot of terrain down (as Phil is at Fiasco in Leeds), we did a small game involving some local Samurai fighting off a small raiding party of Ikko-Ikki. (Run by my solo rules)

The village, with lots of Peasants 'helping' to set up defences.

Some Ikko-Ikki appeared on the road.
A heavier force with some Sohei monks was in their centre.
On their right, some Noumin (farmers).
Facing these peasantry, I was deployed.
Lawrence held the village...
...making the most of the defences.
He held some Ashigaru behind a wood in ambush.
I began by sending my archers across the stream.
At that range I only startled the peasants.
The peasants changed course to the cover of the woods, but continued to advance!
In the centre, the Ikko-Ikki commander and his Sohei moved forward...slowly.
There were more Noumin on Lawrences side, some were better armed with Yari, Naginatas and even Wakizashi swords!
They were slowed in some woods, which meant Lawrence would not have to face a coordinated attack, hopefully!
The first wave would be some peasants, backed up by some Armoured Ashigaru.
The Noumin in the front line halted short of Lawrence's defences, unsure whether to attack.
Their supporting troops were only advancing slowly, letting the peasants probe the village defences.
Eventually, some Yari armed peasants led the charge!
Lawrences Tippo-men (Arquebusiers) let fly.
When the smoke cleared, only one of the attackers was found to have been hit!
Lawrences Ashigaru charged!
Finally, the Ikko-Ikki advanced their reserves!
The battle was fierce!...
...but the peasants, however motivated, were no match for the trained Ashigaru!
Lawrence sent some Ashigaru to chase some peasants who only retired in good order into the wood.
The rest of the towns defenders were left to face the best of the Ikko-Ikki warriors.
In the wood, the Ashigaru again made short work of the poorly armed peasants.
Lawrence's Samurai quickly rallied their men to help on the road.
They were needed! after being pushed back, the Ashigaru defenders were able to hold as the Samurai and the rest of the Ashigaru attacked the enemy Ashigaru in the flank!
Only the Ikko-Ikki Tippo-men remained.
These fell under the swords of the Samurai!

While that battle was going on, on my side, the startled Peasants emerged from the woods, supported by the Sohei monks.
My archers shot at the Monks, but the arrows made no impression on their armour.
The archers withdrew as the massed Noumin advanced. The Sohei headed for my Samurai and Naginata men.
My archers shot a peasant...
...before my Ashigaru launched a charge which slew several more.
The survivors fled.
The rest of the Noumin tried to overwhelm my small band of Ashigaru, who were driven back over the stream.
My Archers, having no other target, drew their swords and charged in support.
One group of Noumin fled under their renewed assault.
My archers now got some help against the other group!
The last of the Noumin fled...as the Sohei charged my Samurai and Naginata men.
My Samurai held, but my Ashigaru were losing!
Then a miracle, one of my Naginata men killed the Ikko-Ikki leader, (who had been injured on his approach by my archers) - and this led to a catastrophic collapse in morale among the surviving Ikko-Ikki.  In a twist of irony, as the Sohei had killed 2 more Naginata men they routed off table! Heroes all!

That was a tough battle! I had lost 5 Ashigaru with some wounded and one of my Samurai, in addition. Lawrences losses were less severe.

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