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Saturday 14 October 2023

1778...a new army?

 Today, at Phil's suggestion we had another game of The American Revolution using my rules - but being well and truly fed up with using the American Army pre Valley Forge, I opted for using the 1778 army, equally ragged, but trained in the simplified Prussian drill introduced by 'Baron' Von Steuben (actually, he was an Captain in Frei-Infanterie von Mayr in the Prussian army of the Seven Years War).

Nothing changes in my dice rolling though!, as so often I lost the Initiative big time and allowed the British to deploy on both flank sectors, though I got choice of sides to deploy on...though I had to deploy first!

I had our new friend Roderick as an ally, in this, his first game of these rules, and I gave him the right wing to command. Phil had the British, as ever, and Lawrence the Hessians.

The deployment at game start

The British right, their elite light infantry and 17th Light Dragoons.
The British centre, a strong double line of infantry.
Oddly, they had a gap in their line held only by a Battalion of Feldjägers!
The left was Lawrence's Hessians in their normal 2 line deployment.
My left, Continentals from Maryland with Militia and light infantry.
In the centre, I had my New Jersey Continentals, supported by the 2nd Canadians and the German Battalion.
On the right were the Virginia Continentals supported by the 2nd Continental Light Dragoons.
The British started well, Phil took the wood in front of his position easily.
The centre was less co-ordinated, only the Grenadiers 42nd and a couple of other regiments of the front line advanced in good order.
The Hessians were more organised, slow, but organised!
On Washington's advice (Me) - Roderick advanced his Virginiamen - though the Light Dragoons didn't get their order to advance in support!
In the centre, my Marylanders took the hill in front before the British...but my left wing only got to advance my light infantry!
The British Grenadiers (go, on, whistle the tune, you know you want to!)- began to assault the hill held by the Maryland men.
The Maryland Continentals gave as good as they got!
We were using my 'Virtual D6s' again, and I 'rolled' well.
The British were held at the bottom of the hill.
Unfortunately, the failure of Rod's Dragoons to advance allowed Lawrence's Jagers to attack the guns, which of course failed to hit any of their attackers!
On my left, my light infantry was skirmishing with the British lights, but the British got their gun into action quickly and hit my Continentals.
In the centre, I got an awful reaction to the British Grenadiers so that despite being on the hill, the Maryland front line retreated through the second line!
The New Jerseys held firm though and sent the British back off the hill!.
Roderick's Virginians advanced though the fierce fire from the Hessian Grenadiers.
On our far right, the Hessians made short work of the brave American gunners.
Things went bad on my left, when the British Light bobs charged my light infantry who stood, but another 6 for the British beat my guys!
My Light Infantry routed! And AGAIN the British Lights charged my Continentals and WON. My '2' was not enough to stop them routing too!
My second Light Infantry charged and beat the other British Light infantry unit, so things were looking up, weren't they?
Roderick's Virginians were winning their firefight with the German Grenadiers.
The Second Light Dragoons finally roused themselves and attacked the Feldjägers!
After routing them, the American horse barreled into the following Hessian regiments!
Rod had been taking lessons from Phil! - the Light horse BEAT Hessian regulars!
On the hill, the British Grenadiers attacked my Maryland and Delawares.
The New Jerseys ware holding.
Eventually, on Roderick's wing, the Virginians ran out of steam, and retreated.
They fell back through the second line, and were joined by the 2nd Dragoons, who after routing the Hessians thought discretion was the better part of valour!
The Hessians, meanwhile, routed past their second line!
My Delaware regiment put up a good fight against the Grenadiers.
The New Jersey men got a crashing volley which left the British stunned!
My brave light infantry had failed to rout the British lights, who rallied, countercharged and destroyed the American unit!
On my Urging, Roderick occupied the wood in strength, ready for round 2 with the Hessians!
This was typical of much of my command and control dicing! this one round, I got 1 for all my brigadiers!!!
The New Jerseys had some bad luck as Phil outflanked them with the 42nd Highlanders, and my line retreated through the wood.
Roderick had failed to get his light infantry properly organised to drive off that lone Feldjäger unit, and it charged, driving all the American lights off.
At this point, we felt it was time to finish, the British probably got a winning draw out of this.
Most of the American Brigades had retreated, with minimal losses, but were intact.
Even with the bad luck, this American army put up a creditable fight, and I look forward to fighting with it again!

Not next week though, as I have a hospital appointment next Saturday!

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