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Saturday, 4 June 2022

Arab-Israeli battles

 Today  ( Tomorrow being the 55th anniversary of the start of the Six Days War) , we had 3 games of 'What a Tanker' at the club. As Lawrence had no transport (he being terrain guy par excellence!) I was only able to pack a bit of terrain, so the Arab-Israeli wars beckoned, using my modified stats.

We decided to do games from 3 periods of these dreadful conflicts, 1948, 1967, and 1973.

The table at the start of our 1948 game.

The Israelis (Rhys and Mick- used 3 Shermans (M4A3E8)
Phil, Lawrence and I used T-34 85s.
Lawrence had bad dice at first and failed to move his tank.
I got my tank off to a quick start.
Phil on a hill behind a tree!
Mick put his Sherman on a hill, but didn't quite reach the crest.
Rhys, using 2 Shermans, got one into cover behind a compound.
His other went off to hide behind 2 houses.
An overview (Rather reminiscent of Ukrainian Drone shots!)
Rhys had a Sherman go behind a bush.
Lawrence finally got his tank on a hill where he could see the unfolding action.
I got to a forward position where I could see Mick and Rhys' tanks.
Mick reached the top of the large hill and fired.
Rhys's second tank stayed behind the compound, scanning for targets.
Lawrence got a shot at the most forward of Rhys's Shermans...
...and missed.
Phil on the hill didn't, exit one Sherman!
I spotted Mick's tank on the hill...
My 85mm gun made short work of him!
Rhys wisely drove his last Sherman off table! I don't think Shermans have ever beaten T-34/85s in any of our games to date!

Our 1967 game

3 Syrian SU-100s...
...Against 2 Ishermans, with that big French 105mm gun...
...and an M48 Magach run by Mick.
Once again a Drone shot!
One of the SU's hid behind a house and fired...
One of the Shermans was smashed!
The others were dominating the battlefield.
My Isherman got off the hill and hid behind a stone wall.
Mick's M48 raced forward...he got into a hull down position on that hill.
An SU spotted him immediately...
Another great hit!
So, two for Two for the Arabs!

Our third game had 2 Sho't tanks against 2 T55s and a JS3, I had got tired of taking pictures so suffice to say the 2 Israeli tanks destroyed all 3 Egyptian tanks!

Fun day.

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