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Saturday 11 September 2021

Meet the Fokkers!

 Today was the last day of our club till late October, as the hall is getting redecorated!

We therefore as usual had a 'Beer and Pretzel' game day, Phil and I chose to do Wings of Glory WW1, one of the club's favourite games!

(As always, we use a house rule, measuring from plane stem to plane stem rather than from base to base, which makes it harder to 'get a bead')

The solo system would run our opponents, 2 SE5a's.

Phil wanted to do Germans, so chose a Fokker DVII...
...I got another!
Both are fast aircraft by the standards of the day...
...we were very quickly getting to gun range!
Phil didn't get a shot as he whizzed past one of the SE's.
I got a shot, but caused zero damage for my trouble!
Phil Immelmanned to get a long range shot.
He actually caused some damage!
I Immelmanned to join Phil.
Humph, must be mating season!
Phil eventually managed to extricate himself!
We headed for different SE's.
The other one had taken a lazy turn round to engage me.
Phil went to intercept the other SE which was gunning for me.
Phil 'distracted' the pilot - but caused no damage.
I felt I was getting sandwiched between the 2 SE5's, so raced off.
Phil was able to slip behind one.
The SE's easily evaded and moved off together.
I rejoined Phil.
The SE's were mirroring their manoeuvres...
I turned off to engage them again.
Unfortunately I overturned and got hit.
Phil followed me.
I turned, he Immelmanned as the SE's turned.
I continued my turn to get to the rear of our opponents.
Phil and the British passed through without getting a shot.
I was now in the best position to engage them.
Both SE's tried to turn on me.
I turned in and caught one of them!
Phil was covering my rear.
I managed to slot in behind the SE.
Phil joined in, but I was less effective...
We managed a magic attack sandwiching the trailing SE.
It went down in flames!
I began to engage the last SE.
The wonderful manoeuverability  of the DVII really showed here.
The SE managed to slip away though...
...and headed for home!
It was a fun game, though the SE's failure to roll high dice didn't help them use their best manoeuvers!.

We did a couple of other games, again playing the Central Powers.

The second game had us using Roland 2 seaters...

My rear gunner got the first 'Bang' of the day against the Camel.
My pilot bagged the Snipe, after Phil's had nibbled it to death first!

Our final game had 2 solo run Nieuport 28s
Phil had a DRI and I 'The Red Baron'
I got unlucky soon into the game when I got hit in the flank as I engaged a Nieuport, which caused a fire (This eventually meant I lost 10 points from this one hit!)
I went out in a blaze of glory though, taking Rickenbacker down with me!
Phil survived, taking the last Nieuport down after some fancy flying!

So, that's it till October 23rd!

I may get a solo game or two at home though like during lockdown!


  1. Bravo, I do enjoy a good day out chasing planes!

    Fokker Dvii are so deadly if you can get onto the tail of your foe, it is hard for s Se5 to survive a clash


    1. Cheers Matt!
      I agree! that slow turn makes it easy to stay behind any plane!!!
      I must try SE5a's against solo run DVII's to see if I can even the score!

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