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Saturday, 25 September 2021

Making a withdrawal?

 Today, with our club out of action due to redecorating of the hall, I was back to my usual lockdown bi-weekly solo game at home! - I decided to to do another Star Wars skirmish, (using my own rules).

I had just finished some bits and bobs, so put some of them to use...

Clone Force 99 is short of funds, and getting more into debt with Cid.

Tech offers a solution... "How about just...withdrawing credits from a terminal, after all, not all have been updated to the 'Chain Code' system? -and I reckon we are still owed thousands for our missions by the Republic!"

Hunter: "And, assuming you are right where would we find such a terminal?"

Tech: "I have been thinking about that, and there is one on Seramon minor which might be useable?" - "The trouble being it is in a small Imperial sector headquarters!"

Echo: "I presume we can use old Republic credits to pay off our debt to Cid?"

Tech: "That will not be a problem, I have a conversion program which will convert them to useable currency"

Hunter: " Steady on, are you suggesting we could waltz in and access our Republic wages just like that?"

Tech: " Well...There may be a few TK troopers around such a small base, but surely nothing we can't handle like we have so often before"

Reluctantly Hunter agrees, with a caveat " Ok, but I have to say, I do have a bad feeling about this!"

The Imperial base headquarters

The 'Portal markers' which randomise any hostiles.
Our heroes arrive at the edge of town.
Hunter: "Well, we aren't going down that main street, its too open!"
They sneak round the side.
Hunter takes the lead.

Echo pushes a 'PM' away.
It moves to the main street.
They run across an open gap, but Omega rolls a 4 and ends up a little in the open.
2 more PM's are dislodged by the rapid move.
Unfortunately, Omega is still in LOS of a 2 marker.
Having no previous hostile contact, a 5 on a D6 just fails to bring any hostiles on table.
A 6 would have brought a patrol on!
Omega, with Echo in support, moves to clear the marker.
It moves ahead of the team.
The 'Bad Batch' repeats the process at the next junction.
While keeping them safe for now, it means a lot of PMs are building up around the target building.
Wrecker moves to disturb 2 PMs.
They move out of sight, but 2 across the street can see him over the fuel containers.
In addition, a 4 marker can just see Omega, so is active.
A band of Imperials attacks, wrecker moves across the street, away from the explosive cover he was behind, but Tech leads Hunter behind them!
Tech: "Its ok, they're empty!"
Wrecker: "Aagh, NOW you tell me!"
Omega and Echo join the firefight.
Although no kills, the TK troopers are pretty well suppressed.
Wrecker's move has brought him in sight of a LOT of markers!
An Imperial officer and a lot of troopers exit the headquarters building.
Hunter: "This is too many to face, prepare to withdraw!"
Wrecker: "Don't worry, I've got this!"
Unfortunately, even more Imperial troops arrive!
Wrecker is making hard work of it, but it is 7:1!!!
The new arrivals move round the melee to engage the rest of the batch.
They are no match!
Wrecker appears from under a pile of bodies!
Wrecker: " Now THIS is what I call a FIGHT!"
Wreckers advance dislodged most of the PMs that had been generating Imperials.
Omega is definitely getting good with that Zygerrian energy bow!
One of the TK troopers has had enough and withdraws.
Hunter, Echo, Tech and Omega finish off the reinforcements.
Wrecker deals with the other two!
Wrecker: " Hey, come back here!"
This 'Super Trooper' has other ideas!
Echo hacks into the Imperial door mechanism.
Once inside, Tech helps access the Credit point...
As the team relax, and head back to the Marauder, Hunter asks "Tech, just how much were you able to withdraw?"
Echo: "Do you want to tell him, or shall I?"
Tech: " Well, let's just say it was not one of my best ideas!"
Wrecker: "You mean we came all this way for NOTHING?"
Ah well, its a good job Omega is a whizz at Dejarik!!!


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