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Saturday, 26 June 2021

Tanks, but no Tanks!

 Today, after a bit of confusion, Phil and I ended up doing What a Tanker again, using my Arab-Israeli war modifications.

Our first game was a 1948 war battle pitting two Israeli Shermans against two Egyptian T-34/85's

The battlefield

...and from the side!
Phil's Sherman, with its 76mm gun.
Mine appeared to its right, and headed for the town.
An Egyptian T34 took cover in some bushes.
The other was slowly climbing a hill!
My Sherman was plodding on to try and outflank the Egyptians.
I was still a way off, so paused in cover.
One of the T34s moved into town looking for us.
The other took a hilltop position, vulnerable, but with great visibility.
He fired!...
...but missed me!
I was beginning to think the entire Egyptian army was after me!
I raced forwards to the town-- and some cover.
Nearly there!
Phil now became the target...
...and pulled back into cover behind the hill.
The T34s had no targets in sight, and stopped where they were.
My tank entered the town, executed a sharp left onto the flank of the T34 there...and suffered an electrical failure as I tried to fire!
Phil cam out from behind the hill and fired at the same T34...
His shot bounced off the thick frontal army...
...but upset the crew!
The other T34 saw Phil and fired.
A great hit, but the shot bounced off the Sherman's armour.
The T34 in the town turned on the spot to face my tank.
We now had a Western shoot out in prospect!
The T34 fired...
...and scored a hit...my running gear was damaged.
My shot back missed!
The T34 fired... 
...and hit AGAIN!
Another running gear hit!
The other T34 went looking for Phil, after he had backed up behind his hill again.
My Sherman fired again and missed!
Fortunately, I had several drive dice and got off table!
Phil was hit by the T34 on his flank, which damaged his optics.
The T34 which had been beating me up now headed towards Phil.
2 more hits by the Egyptian had wrecked Phil's tank.
The other T34 was making good progress...
...and arrived just in time...
A further hit made Phil's crew bale out!!!
A stunning victory for the Egyptians (and my solo system, which ran them!)

We did have a second game, where our two Sho't meteors destroyed two Egyptian T62s, so we ended with honours even in the end!


  1. Fantastic - really must try the game, and your new(er) setting makes it, and also seems more plausible for the nature of the game, in comparison with WW2 eastern front for example.

    1. Thanks friend!

      I think the game is fun - I think the nature of the AI wars is optimal for it too!

  2. I think some folks need to spend more time on the gunnery range

    1. LOL! - our second game, which I didn't record, made us feel better about our targeting skills!!!!

  3. Great game and AAR, a vey ‘undergamed’ conflict, nice!

    1. Thanks!- I agree! - I have always thought the Arab Israeli wars to be interesting, especially after holidaying in Israel several times!