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Saturday, 14 November 2020

Solo Tanking

Today, I left my beloved Sci-Fi skirmish games, and returned to an old favourite, 'What a Tanker'...I decided to do a Normandy battle using 2 Shermans against 2 Panzer IVs. To match the points, I got a Sherman Firefly alongside my standard 75mm gun tank.

My Firefly (left) - the Solo System would run the 75mm Sherman.

My Solo opponents, two Panzer IV H's.
I got the 'Angles' scenario on my dining table battlefield, surely a good sign for my British tanks!?
The Solo system had my 75mm M4 racing forward alongside the road.
It took a left, and cut between 2 trees.
This had taken 2 of his command dice, the 2 '1's
Converting one of his 'Wild Dice' (the 6)...
...he managed to get to cover.
Easily spotting the Panzer down the road, he fired a shot...
Scoring 11, he got a good hit!
Throwing 6 D6's for his 75mm, he only got 1 hit (5,6 on frontal armour)
The Panzer had 6 dice for his armour, getting 2 5,6s meant the Sherman shell bounced off!
Nah, nah ne nah, nah!
The left hand Panzer now threw his Command dice...
...and moved down the side of a large field.
He spotted the Sherman and fired!
He missed!
My Firefly now got a move, but only got 2 Drive dice (all he can use, being 'Slow')
This got him to cover behind a hedge...
...I was in a fairly good position to support the Sherman.
Unfortunately, the Panzer by the field got a good set of command dice, and being in the Sherman's flank (just!)...
...the poor Sherman became a flaming wreck!
(Crew got out though!)
My Firefly sent a 17pdr shell back...
...which bounced off!
In return the Panzer got an 8 to hit, and 4 hits with his long 75mm...
I only 'saved' 3 with my 6 Armour dice...
...The shell glanced off my turret...
...damaging my optics.
My tank moved to close the range with the Germans.
It was the Panzer that got the shot though!
He missed, but both Panzers were bracketing my lone tank! I got a single move Command die, and put more terrain between me and the Germans.
The 'Ronson' was still burning happily, cooking off ammunition.
I turned to retreat through the hedge.
The German in the road managed to get a shot...
...which thankfully missed.
My next move got me over the hedge.
I couldn't do anything else though!
The German in the road closed the range, but didn't get the 'Aim' he needed to shoot!
I did...I had 2 move Command dice to use after the shot, but thought to 'tough it out'
The Panzer IV was destroyed.
The other Panzer got a move and shoot set of Command Dice...
My tank should have cut my losses, instead, my poor crew were incinerated as my Firefly blew up!
That was a fun game, even if the solo system won!...its funny, when I use a Panzer IV in this game, I invariably lose, but when I play against them, they fight like tigers!!!!



  1. I really love WAT! Though I haven't had it hit the table in far too long. I need to give your solo rules a whirl.

    Thanks for the post, nice pictures, and it helps overcome the inertia block for setting up a solo game.

    1. Thanks Tom.
      The solo rules are descriptive rather than restrictive, and need a little interpretation to work best. I really hope they give you as good a game as they give me!