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Saturday, 12 September 2020

Heroes of the Soviet Union

Today, we were having our last club game for some time, I imagine, until the new Covid-19 regulations limiting social gatherings in England are relaxed again.

Phil and I decided to do a WW2 skirmish using my rules - this time using my Russians against my Germans. The rules are designed for solo play, so we fought as a co-operative....quite appropriately!!!

The Scenario is that Soviet scouts have spotted the PaK 40 in the centre of the village, and command has decided to send a platoon of infantry to deal with it before the Armour passes through to its next objective.

The table for today, complete with wrecked Hanomag! Our objective would be to capture the bunker on the bottom right of the picture.
Our brave chaps...I only hoped we wouldn't meet any German armour as all we had was a RPG-1 with the command group, to deal with it! 
As normal, I placed a number of Portal markers in positions around the town covering our limes of possible attack. 
Phil, our commander, took the left, starting behind some trees. 
Likewise, I put my two sections behind a wood on the right. 
My men made light going through the light wood. 
Phil, too, advanced through his woods. 
A half section scanned ahead. 
Several Portal markers were activated...but what would they produce, and where? 
 In the centre, hehind some sandbags, some infantry supporting an LMG.
The Russian fire was most effective in the exchange, wounding two of the фашисты (Facists)
On the right, my infantry was pushing through some marshland, not having met any enemy yet. 
Phil's men were rapidly reinforced by his other sections. 
The Germans were holding their own, and were reinforced themselves by a  Panzerjäger team! - I guess the Germans were expecting a tank attack!
One of Phil's men fell dead...  
...good shooting from the MG34.
My men were through the marshes, and pushed on to outflank the German position. 
Phil's men began to filter up the flank of the German position. 
 More Germans appeared round the houses to oppose them...
Phil decided to charge them! 
 My men had reached the damaged Sdkfz 251.
My other section pushed on further up the flank. 
The Germans in the alley were putting up a fantastic defence!!! 
The casualties were mounting, however.
 On my flank, some fire on my right announced the arrival of more German infantry. 
...only a few though. 
My men were startled by the sudden threat to their flank.
The Germans at the sandbags - apparently aware of my appearance on their flank sent a fire team forward to attack Phil's men there. 
Some of his men extra to the melee, turned to shoot their backs!... 
...that halted them. 
Another one fell to fire from their front, the survivor ran!
Meanwhile, my men had changed face and engaged the enemy on my flank. 
 At long-ish range, I only suppressed them.
But now my other squad appeared on their flank!  
 The enfiladed sub section lost heavily.
The battle here... 
...was quickly decided.
On Phil's wing, some more Germans advanced to support their men in the alley.
Phil had nearly cleared the Sandbag defences. 
 He even got the victorious men from the alley in their rear! 
That sorted them!
 The relatively unopposed flanking Germans continued to advance. 
Another section had followed the first, and diverted to oppose my men. 
We were too many, had they attacked a turn earlier in co-ordination with the flank attack, things may have gone better for them!
Victory was swift!
Phil meanwhile, had ambushed the first flanking fire team. 
His men from the wood, pinned by the MG at the sandbags now advanced to finish off the survivor! 
Phil's men then began to filter forwards.
The Germans now deployed an HMG against my forward troops
 My men were initally suppressed, but not otherwise hurt
As my NCO, obviously fired with Communist zeal, rallied and drove his men forward, he was injured, and one of his riflemen killed!
Phil's men now threatened the Machine gun's rear...
...But my determined men dispatched them with close range fire.
Phil's command group finally secured the German command post...
...Our sections secured the village...  
 ...allowing the tanks to pass through!

That was a fun game, we were very lucky the Germans were a little uncoordinated, and focused their strength in the village.

I only hope its not too long before we get back to club gaming!!!


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    1. Thanks! I am glad you did- We had lots of fun playing it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I hope to get some solo games in during the next six months of lockdown! I hope to be playing with friends before March, but with the Tories in power, who knows!