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Saturday 5 September 2020

Convoy attack!

Today, we did a Coastal Forces skirmish at the club, its been a while!
As usual we did a Schellboot attack on an east coast convoy. The convoy was a randomised mix of dummy and live markers - the left hand were escorts, the next 2 lines merchantmen. By mixing them and removing a third, we could have half the Royal Navy, or nothing at all!
Rhys joined Phil and myself as the Kreigsmarine, the convoy used my solo rules.

Our table, with my grey nylon cloth, which looks great as the sea, but is dreadful to take photos on!
We all started on the 'French' edge of the table.
The markers by the ships represent torpedo markers. 
Phil moved forwards cautiously scanning the horizon for targets...
I was in the centre, doing the same.
 Rhys, like us, moved slowly forward on electric motors so he would not be spotted very easily...
...his lookouts spotted an escort, and Isles class trawler.
Some juicy targets were soon spotted too, Phil found 2 3,000 ton freighters at the rear of the convoy. 
At the front, Rhys's boats found a third 3,000 tonner, and a small collier. 
There were still a lot of markers undisclosed, though.
Another pair of ships were spotted, a 2,000 tonner and a Tanker, our prize target! As it was at the front of the convoy, only Rhys was in position to attack it! 
A second Trawler was spotted ahead of the Tanker, so Rhys would have to run the gauntlet between them to get at the Tanker. 
The first trawler spotted one of Rhys's boats, despite their stealth tactics! 
 The trawler angled out from the convoy to engage, firing ineffectively on the turn.
Rhys's boats went to diesel engines and his boats leapt forward. 
 A water fountain sparng up next to one of his boats...
...the Trawler was getting the range!  
Phil, meanwhile, and myself, were closing on the undefended freighters at the rear of the convoy. 
 Rhys was trying to get past the advancing trawler, and decided now was the time to shoot his torpedoes at the Tanker. 
 At the rear, despite a desperate turn, one of Phil's torpedoes hit one of the 3,000 tonners amidships!

 My torpedo had missed, passing its bow as the ship turned!
The hit ship shuddered to a halt! It was holed but not sinking. 
2 more torpedoes hit the stopped freighter, and the one behind. The damaged Freighter was further damaged by a nearby explosion, and the new freighter was very lucky as Phil's torpedo malfunctioned!
The ship continued its turn to pass its halted companion.
One of Rhys's torpedoes, however, now hit the Tanker! 
My boats had fired 2 torpedoes at a third 3,000 tonner... 
...The first was evaded as the ship turned to comb it. 
My second torpedo hit, but again it exploded in the ship's wake, damaging her only.
Rhys's boats had made it past the trawlers, using the colliers as cover...
... and with the rest of us, headed back for a well deserved Schapps in Cherbourg! 
 It was a good game, though I don't think it floated Rhys's boat!


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