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Saturday, 1 February 2020

Another day to die

Today, we had a return match of French against my Prussians.
Once again, I failed to be the attacker, but Lawrence's rolls were only equal to mine, so we both had to deploy in the centre sector alone!

My Prussians deployed in their customary style, ready to take position on the low hill in front of our position.
 Lawrence, with Rhys deployed in a similar formation, though they had to contend with a wood in their deployment area.
 This view shows the relative positions.
Lawrence (left) took the French right, Rhys, the left. 
Rhys got the elite Austrian Hussars advancing. 
Their entire infantry centre managed to get moving forward too. 
 Lawrence got the right wing French horse deploying in fine order.
 Von Seydlitz on my left advance HR1 in advance of my Kuirassiers.
My infantry left failed to get moving, apart from the Frei Korps. 
 My right wing infantry got the guns and themselves on the hill to await the mass of French infantry advancing on them.
 IR 23 looked isolated, as twice their number of men and guns approached them.
 Only KR11 got moving on my right...
 The Austrian Szechényi Hussars advanced to meet them...
...supported by several lines of French horse. 
The French infantry approached my hill. 
The French right wing horse swept round . 
The French hussars approached my exposed Frei Korps. 
The French light infantry moved in support of a mass of Swiss infantry regiments Salis and Diesbach. 
 IR 23 took casualties from Regiment Picardie.
 Regiment Royal Roussillon attacked my gun battery...which had only managed to disorder the Grenadiers du France. 
Picardie managed to send a battalion to enfilade IR23, disrupting them. 
My Frei Korps retreated from the French Hussars. 
My guns on the hill came under heavy musketry, some crew fled, others died at their guns. 
There was now a big hole in my line! 
My right wing commander got a 1 on his command die, and used it to detach IR6 to plug the gap. 
 EVERY other brigadier got a 1 too!! - not much happening here this turn!
Even Seydlitz threw a 1!... 
 ...but being Competent made it a 2!
 IR6 climbed the hill, and sent a fierce volley into the French!
 Royal Roussillon retreated through their supporting line.
Amazingly the Curassiers du Roi beat my Prussian Kuirassiers, who rallied back disordered! 
 HR1 had chased off the French light infantry and demolished the French Hussars...
...who routed. 
 The French light infantry kept ahead of the blown Prussian Hussars.
 The French Cuirassiers advanced on my battered Kuirassiers, who retreated again.
More French horse moved up to exploit the success of their Cuirassiers. 
One regiment of French Chevaux Legeres tried to attack my Hussars, but they failed. 
The French light infantry jeered (from the safety of the wood!) 
 The big Swiss battalions attempted to roll over my Fusiliers.
 The Szechényi Hussars failed to charge, surely my Kuirassiers would roll over them?
IR 23 was still facing regiment Picardie bravely, but then they brought 2 gun batteries into play... 
...even brave IR 23 couldn't stand this!
They retreated off the hill and rallied. 
 They returned to the attack!
 The French Grenadiers du France were holding against IR6 and 2 battalions of Prussian foot.
 My Fusiliers were holding against the Swiss.
Meanwhile IR 23 was driven off again! 
...this time they rallied behind their second line. 
The Swiss were starting to cause damage on my brave Fusiliers. 
The Cuirassiers du Roi were deep in my rear now, surrounded by Frei Korps and Prussian horse. My damaged Kuirassiers failed to charge them and regain their pride!!!
 The Cuirassiers du Roi pursued them off table.
 The Swiss beat my Fusiliers, who retreated through their rear line of Grenadiers.
 My Kuirrasiers failed to break the Austrian Hussars!
On my left, the French horse drove off my Frei Korps. 
At this point we called an end to the battle, losses were about even and the battle had stabilised.
I had suffered another dreadful dice day... 
...will it never end?

At least I didn't lose the battle, but a fairer distribution of die rolls, I am certain, would have defeated the French!!!


  1. A great day out, as always nice to have a nail biter.


    1. Thanks Matt. Win Lose or Draw, 7YW is always a blast to play!

  2. This looked like an epic battle! What rules were you using?

    1. Epic, it was! The rules are my own, available to download free from this link https://herkybird.tynesidewargames.co.uk/syw.html