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Saturday, 8 February 2020

An argument of Vikings

Today, we returned after a long break to Dark Age skirmishing!

We had a Viking force each, and decided we were raiders arguing over the division of spoil following a raid.

Phil had his lovely force on the left...
Rhys, using some of my figures, was on Phil's right.
 I, in command of the other army, was on our right, facing Phil.
 On our far left, Lawrence had his bowmen and slingers...
 ...His main strength was in our centre.
 The battlefield, Phil and Rhys on the Left, Lawrence and I on the Right
 Phil began advancing towards me, hoping to catch my force before Lawrence could cross the stream to support me.
I moved my force left, to join with Lawrence. 
Lawrence's Spearmen moved to cross the stream and join with me. 
 His archers and slingers moved down the river bank to outflank Rhys.
 Phil continued to move round my flank.
Rhys sent his archers forward to spar with Lawrence and I. 
 The rest of Rhys's men (and women!) moved through the village.

 My line started to form, using a hill as cover from the greater number of enemy archers.
 Lawrence began crossing the stream.
 His missile troops started crossing near the river.
Phil's main force slowed to wait while Rhys moved alongside. His Javelinmen moved to outflank my men on the hill. 
 Rhys's archers waited behind a building for my forces to appear. 
 We were still sorting out our position behind the hill!
I directed Lawrence to attack Rhys, going round the village. 
 His Missile-men were to skirmish with Rhys's archers.
The relative positions can be seen here (Phil on the right) 
 Rhys's bowmen spotted Lawrence's light troops...
...one arrow lightly wounded one of Lawrence's bowman. 
One of Lawrence's archers shot back, getting a maximum 8... 
...Rhys rolled a 1 on a D12 (the range die)... 
...one of Rhys's archers fell dead to a lucky arrow! 
Phil now pushed his whole force to attack my position. 
Rhys moved right, through the town to face Lawrence. 
My men waited to see how the attack would develop. 
The javelinmen moved round the flank of my position. 
They took cover behind a hedge, obviously to support his main attack.
 Phil and Rhys began to form a battle line.
I left a spear unit on the rear of the hill, to keep an eye on the Javelinmen. 
 Lawrence and I sent our archers forward to harass the enemy line. 
Lawrence moved through the village enclosures. 
 Their slingers were there to harass Rhys's archers.
One was slightly wounded by an arrow. 
 Lawrence and I had our bowmen try to shoot Rhys's bowmen.
 Phil had his bowmen mixed with his shield wall. 
Rhys moved to protect the flank of Phil's force, and oppose Lawrence. 
Phil's Lord decided to go through a long hall. 
 Lawrence had a lot of bad rolls, and 3 of his men were quickly wounded by Rhys's bowmen. 
Phil attacked our archers, 2 of my men were killed by the embedded archers. 
Phil's Lord, having passed through the long hall, moved round the village to outflank my archers. 
 Rhys now had a line of spearmen protecting Phil's flank.
His javelinmen, having left cover and attacked, were repelled by our archers! 
 2 of Lawrences archers had been wounded during their attack.
 My Lord and his Berserker bodyguards charged Phil's spearmen.
The Javelinmen had returned, and killed on of my remaining men, the other fled, understandably! 
 My Lord was breaking up the spear line, Phil withdrew his Lord and Huscarls from the flank to support them.
In their absence, my spearmen on the hill chased off the javelinmen! 
 The archers from Phil's phalanx now moved and wounded one of my men!
 Stubbornly refusing to break, Phil's spearmen managed to wound my Lord, despite losing more men.
 Phil's Lord took the opportunity of charging past his tired spearmen and killing my Lord!
 Lawrence matched actions by charging Rhys's men...
Rhys's Lord also fell! 
At this point, with my Lord down, we decided to end the battle!

4 shares in the spoil were now 2!


  1. There´s the Shield maidens :-)
    Vikings...seem very popular at the mo..must be due to the series turning up on Netflix.
    Great Batrep.

    1. Cheers Paul!

      I like Vikings, but not having anything like Netflix, have to wait for it appearing on DVD!!!

  2. Great AAR, lots of good pictures.
    Nice figures and terrain!

    1. Cheers Captain! I just got a box of Victrix Vikings as I am not too happy with my old Wargames factory ones!
      I hope they will be luckier!!!