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Saturday 19 October 2019

Windu and Ahsoka!

Today we had a game of Star Wars skirmishing, again in the Clone Wars universe.
The scenario was based on a couple of episodes from the Clone Wars series...

A Jedi ship carrying Mace Windu, Ahsoka Tano, a squad of Clone commandos and a squad of Clone Troopers, led by Captain Rex, is forced to crash on a Separatist planet.

 Almost all the ship's equipment is destroyed. All the passengers escape, along with a single droid. With no communication equipment, their outlook is bleak.
A deserted Mining Guild facility is near the crash site, together with a power generator on standby. Ahsoka suggests the droid's short range communicator (with some modifications) -could be boosted by a lot of power, such as that available in the mining facility, enabling them to call for help.

The mining facility...
...viewed from the line of approach for the Republic force. 
 Lawrence took Rex, and several tough soldiers of the 501st.
 Rhys, a fan of Samuel L Jackson, took Mace.
 Phil took the Clone Commando team.
 I took a late version of Ahsoka.
Rex, the clones and Ahsoka were detailed by Mace to go down the flank and get the droid to the power station.
Mace, and the Commandos went down the centre, to attract any hostiles in the facility.  
 Phil decided to split his team...
... but kept them in eyesight. 
I, as Ahsoka, advised Rex to stay on the near side of the defensive wall for now. 
The Clone Commandos couldn't see any hostiles... 
...suddenly, a group of Battle Droids appeared. 
 They advanced firing at the 2 Commandos in the open.
 One of them was saved by his armour!
 Mace attacked the Droids...protecting the isolated Commandos...
...and made short work of them. 
 The ruckus alerted the facilities defenders, and more Droids approached over the spoil heaps.
They advanced steadily, while the Commandos went to ground in the buildings... 
...as did Mace. 
Hey...where did they go?...cowards!
 From the centre of town, some Super Battle Droids came up in support. 
Ahsoka having moved with the Clones towards their objective, Force ran to engage them. 
The Clones, crossing in the open, could have suffered badly from their fire, had she not. 
Two of the Commandos took an observation position on a roof. 
Mace stood behind the building where the other two Commandos were hiding. 
Ahsoka was 'off her game' and only downed three of the four Super Battle Droids... 
...She soon corrected that oversight! 
One of the Commandos dropped a grenade out of a window...
Ha, missed me!
 ...a second bomb finished the last Droid off!
 Another group of Battle Droids was spotted by one of the Clone Commandos. 
 The Commandos opened fire.
Down the main street, two Destroyer Droids rolled... 
 ...before deploying and shooting at the Clones on the roof.
 More Battle Droids spotted the Clones.
 (Ahsoka was reconnoitering the way ahead.) 
 The Clones returned fire on the Battle Droids.
The Clone Commandos were finishing off the last of the other group. 
 Mace was having trouble fighting the Destroyers!
Coming, Master Windu! 
With Ahsoka's help, the Droidekas were quickly silenced! 
Rex finished off the last of the Droids attacking them. 
Ahsoka finished off a last errant Battle Droid. 
 The Two Jedi cleared the area around the Power Generators.
 The Clones escorted the Droid forward...
...and with the Commandos formed a cordon as the Droid approached the Generator. 
 Job done!
 and soon, Gunships were on their way!

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