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Saturday, 12 October 2019

A return to Glory?

Today we returned to the Seven Years war, where I hoped my Prussians would recover from the disaster of their last outing!

I had my Prussians - and was joined by Phil, who had beaten my Prussian cavalry in the last game.
Lawrence was in command of his Franco-Reichs army.
The Prussians won initiative, and outscouted our opponents, so got to deploy in one flank sector.

The battlefield, my Prussians to the left.
 An impassable river - passable only by a bridge, limited space on the French right, and our left.
 I had a small Cavalry wing behind two brigades of musketeers.
I gave Phil Frederick, as his wing was to be the attacking wing, he had Infantry in the wood, as well as adjoining my line. 
 He had a large cavalry wing well back on the far right, beyond the French left.
 The French right had two lines of infantry with a lot of French cavalry in reserve.
 Their left, opposite Phil, had horse in front of his right hand infantry, a risky deployment, but one which would get his cavalry into action quickly.
 My cavalry was rapidly ordered by Von Schönaich... 
...The infantry in front of them was slow to order, but the two guns were able to move, which suited me. 
 Phil's infantry, too, waited while his heavy gun deployed out.
The troops in the wood waited too! - a rapid advance could have upset the French horse! 
Von Seydlitz, though, managed to get his wing ordered. 
 My cavalry wing deployed out to the left.
My guns also went forward. 
 ...as did Phil's!
 Frederick galloped over to 'encourage' the right to advance.
 The French reacted - but were very sluggish, only two cavalry regiments deployed out.
His left though, failed to activate at all! 
 My cavalry deployed into line opposite the French right.
 My guns went forward to bombard the French infantry, and any horse they could reach!
 They would be ready deployed, to shoot long before the French could advance!
 One of the French guns crossed the river, obviously to enfilade my troops as they advanced.
The French horse finally got organised and moving towards me. 
Phil's infantry moved to support his gun, which was soon firing.
Lawrence's horse finally got moving...and had to deploy the Széchényi Hussars against Phil's infantry to screen his heavier cavalry. Phil's gun managed to bounce shot through the hussars and into the following Kuirassiers!
Further back, the now active Reichs Cavalrie raced to form a wing to face Phil's rapidly advancing Prussian cavalry. 
Phil's infantry emerged from the wood and fired at the Széchényi Hussars... 
...taking heavy casualties, the Austrian hussars fell back in disorder through the following Kuirassiers. 
The Hussars finally rallied and formed alongside the French rear line.
The Reichs Kuirassiers re-ordered themselves and launched a fierce attack on the Prussian Kuirassiers. 
 The surprised Prussians were held, and a melee developed.
My two guns were upsetting the Cuirassier du Roi... 
...but this only stung them to attack my cavalry wing. In the last game they had beaten a Prussian Kuirassier regiment, could they repeat the feat?
 That French gun was still slowly moving on the far side of the river.
 The French main line guns were still shooting at the distant Prussian line...
 ...and managed to disorder a battalion.
 Meanwhile, my lead Kuirassier regiment counter charged the Cuirassier du Roi. 
Phils Kuirassiers broke the Bayruth Kuirassiers... 
...pursuing them into following Kuirassier regiment, and the Széchényi Hussars, and routed them in turn! 
The melee ended as the other Prussian Kuirassiers finally prevailed over their opponents! 
My Kuirassiers also routed the Cuirassiers du Roi! 
With his left destroyed, and his right in disorder, Lawrence unsurprisingly ceded the battle at this point. The Prussian army had recovered its honour!

Freidrich der Grosse died on 17th August 1786, but his army is still fighting on!


  1. Thanks for posting, a good looking game.
    As is should be for the period a battle won on the flanks, very enjoyable following the action.