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Saturday, 6 July 2019

Russians ascendant?

Today, we got back to the important business of wargaming with a Seven Years War game, I once again had my Russians, and Lawrence (with Rhys) had an Austro-Reichs army.

As almost always, I failed to gain the initiative, so was the defender, at least the fact that I had Cossacks and Kalmyks in my army prevented the Habsburgs from deploying in the flank sectors of the table!

Lawrence deployed on the Austrian right, with his horse ahead and behind his infantry.
 Rhys had the Reichsarmee, and had some infantry in the centre, though lack of space forced Rgt. Blau Wurtzburg to stand in a wood!
Rhys had more infantry in front of the Reichs Cavalry.
Facing LawrenceI had a strong cavalry wing hidden behind a hill. 
 My centre was a standard 2 line formation of infantry.
 My right had a front line of Grenadiers, with some less than stellar Corps of Observation grenadiers behind!
 My right wing cavalry was Kuirassiers and Horse Grenadiers.
 The relative positions can be seen here. 
Rhys, despite being lumbered with an incompetent brigadier, managed to get his Kuirassiers moving out to the flank to deploy. 
He got his front line infantry moving, with their artillery, though the reserves failed to get the order to advance! 
Lawrence's Kuirassiers deployed, but in doing so delayed... 
 ...their supporting infantry from advancing. 
I only got my Kalmyks and 2 regiments of Kuirassiers moving, the boggy land on my left severely hampering a quick deployment!
On my right, I had open ground and quickly deployed my horse. 
 Eventually, Rhys got his Dragoons trotting.
 His infantry slowed down, as they were out-running their second line, and the Cavalry!
Slowly, Rhys managed to get the second line infantry to advance in their support! 
 Lawrence had Austrian Kuirassier regiments Trauttmansdorff and Brettlach advancing in echelon, leaving room for his infantry to manoeuver.
 Opposite Rhys, my horse was sorted out, even the Cossacks were deployed!
 My infantry stayed in their start positions.
My left wing horse deployed as best they could in front of the boggy land. 
 My supporting artillery fired on the Austrian horse...
...disordering KR Trauttmansdorff
My heavy gun on the right was firing ineffectually at the Reichs troops. 
 I finally got my dragoons to move into the boggy land.
Rhys had a Reichs Kuirassier regiment advancing towards my men on the hill.
 The rest of his cavalry waited patiently behind.
 The reserve Reichs infantry were slow in moving forward.
His artillery in particular looked vulnerable. 
 Lawrence, too, seemed to be having trouble getting his infantry advancing in any semblance of good order!
 The Austrian Kuirrasiers looked ready to sweep my wing away.
 My Kuirrasiers charged into KR Trauttmansdorff...
Despite fighting bravely, the Russians were forced back, severely weakened, but at least unbroken!
On the other wing, the 3rd Kuirassiers charged the Reichs Kuirassiers. 
My second line Kuirassiers moved to attack the deploying artillery, but failed to reach them! 
 The first line Kuirassiers routed the Reichs Kuirassiers and pursued them into the reserves.
 The second line Reichs Kuirassiers had spontaneously retreated ahead of the routers, leaving the 2 regiments of dragoons to face me!
 Rhys manoeuvered one dragoon regiment to safety. 
 ...but that is all he could do, with his wing in a shambles.
Rhys managed to retreat his gun away from my Kuirassiers, and supported it with some Reichs infantry. 
Once reorganised, my Kuirassiers drove off the dragoons facing them.
 On the other wing, KR Trauttmansdorff failed to follow up onto my retreating Kuirassiers.
 KR Brettlach tried a charge, but failed to reach my disordered men.
One forlorn Austrian dragoon regiment was left behind as the Kuirassiers charged, they never got an order all day!!!! 
 The one in front of them, was quite sufficient to protect the Heavies rear.
Rhys got his infantry into range of my line
His fire caused loss and disorder on my Grenadiers. 
My Musketeers, too, were damaged, but the brave Russian infantry stood!
My return volleys were even more damaging on the hapless Germans. 
Their line fell back in disorder! ...
... disordering the supporting line. 
On Lawrence's wing my rallied Kuirassiers and the 2 Austrian Kuirassier regiments refused to re-engage, the Russians were facing nearly 4 times their number of Austrians, and the Austrians were scared of pursuing into the marshy ground, now occupied by my Russians! 
Lawrence's Austrian infantry caused heavy casualties on my Russian first line, but again my men held! 
 My artillery destroyed an Austrian gun deploying to enfilade my cavalry.
 My infantry fired back and drove the Austrians back as easily as the Reichs infantry!!!
My cavalry on Rhys' wing was unopposed - the Cossack were even harrying the flanks of his infantry! 
My centre stood resolutely, the poor Austrian and Reichs infantry was disordered and in disarray. 
At this point, Lawrence decided the game was up, and retreated from the field, both he and Rhys had had sequences of terrible dice for morale, the complete opposite to me!


  1. Thanks for posting a very enjoyable AAR!

    1. Thanks! I thoroughly enjoy 7YW games, in fact, we will be starting a mini campaign in it next week, if things go to plan!