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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Dicing with death?

Today, we had three games of 'What a Tanker' WW2, and, as ever with dice games, we had some interesting results!

Our First game...

Rhys wanted to use a Churchill, so Lawrence and I opted for an M5 and M3 Stuart, respectively.
This was the table for today, rather pastoral! 
 Lawrence started on our left...
 ...Rhys was in the centre...
 ...and me on the right.
 Our opponent, being run by the solo system...a Tiger I.
Rhys lumbered his heavy beast forward. 
The Tiger spotted him and fired... 
 ...the round pinged off his thick armour! 
 The panicked crew, though, feeling vulnerable, pulled back a little!
Rhys managed to get a couple of shots...
...the first just bounced off the armour... 
The second one was well aimed and lucky (Rhys threw 2 6's to hit!) 
 The round must have reflected into the shot trap under the mantlet!- throwing 8 dice for damage, Rhys got 4 hits!
The Tiger, despite throwing 10 armour dice, only got 1 save!
Exit one Tiger!

Game 2...

We used 3 Panzer II f's. 
 The solo system got a Sherman 76.
Lawrence was on the road... 
...Rhys in the centre... 
...and I on the right. 
 Lawrence tried to go round the flank of the Sherman.
I raced behind the woods... 
... to come up in support of Rhys in the centre. 
 The Sherman trundled forwards, looking for targets.
 I advanced my Panzer, and found a narrow gap I could see--and shoot--the Sherman.
As he was 'Unbuttoned' I got 4 dice damage on him 
The hapless Sherman had less than stellar defence dice...
Another one bites the dust! 

The 3rd game...

This time, we went with U.S. tank destroyers, against 2 Panzer IV G's, and a Jagdpanzer IV L70. 
Rhys was on the left with an M18 Hellcat. 
I was in the centre, with another M18... 
Lawrence was on the right, with an M10 Wolverine. 
Opposite Lawrence was a Panzer IV. 
Opposite me was another... 
 ...Rhys had the Jagdpanzer IV to deal with!
I started with a good set of command dice. I moved to cover, Acquired and Aimed at the Panzer IV... 
 ...Fired and reloaded! Would we have another one shot kill game?
Nah, my round only served to alert the German crew to our presence! 
Rhys moved forward towards a walled field. 
The Jagdpanzer seemed happy to just stay where he was! 
The Panzer facing Lawrence was moving to find cover. 
 Lawrence saw him, and sent a 76mm shell down range...
 A hit, but only light damage was caused.
The Panzer facing me fired a shot at me, which missed... 
 The other Panzer couldn't see Lawrence's M10, so pushed forwards...
...he reached the hedge of the field Lawrence was in but was unable to shoot.
Lawrence moved forward looking for cover, as well. 
The Panzer in the middle acquired me... 
He fired! 
 A clean hit! 
My poor crew were toast! 
Lawrence got initiative in the next turn, and moved around the Panzer facing him. 
 The M10 fired!
 The Panzer IV was destroyed!
 The Jagdpanzer IV moved forwards, looking for targets and cover.
Rhys managed to damage its running gear with a good shot. 
Lawrence now decided to come in support against the Jagdpanzer. 
He was spotted, however, by the Panzer that had got me...
 ...The Panzer fired again...
...The poor M10 was killed too! 
 Rhys, facing the Jagdpanzer and the killer Panzer IV now wisely decided to report back to headquarters!
This third game was the best, and it was good the solo system finally got the better of us!


  1. I was looking at the WaT points system in your links. How were the values determined please? They make a lot more sense than the ones on the rules and i was wondering what the formula was. Thanks.

    1. Hi there!

      Yes, I have a simple formula:

      A vehicle's Strike and Armour values are changed as below..

      2: (x0.5 rounded down) = 1
      3: (x0.5 rounded up) = 2
      4: (x1) = 4
      5: (x1.5 rounded down = 7
      6: (x1.5 rounded up = 8
      7: (x2) = 14
      8: (x2.5 rounded down) = 20
      9: (x2.5 rounded up) = 23
      10: (x3) = 30
      11: (x3.5 rounded down)= 38
      12: (x3.5 rounded up) = 42

      Modified by:

      Slow -1 / Fast +1 / Heavy Armour +2 / Low Profile +1 / Small +1 / Iron Fist +2 / Slow Turret -1 / Rapid Fire +1
      (I made a couple of further changes for the Arab/Israeli WaT variant!)

      I hope this explains the system?

    2. Thank you, yes. For high cost vehicles that means that the traits have very little effect on the cost? So, for example, a tank with Armour and Strike of 8 that is also Fast would cost 20 for the Armour, 20 for the Strike but only +2 for the fast, yes? So a total of 42, compared to 40 for a non-Fast variant.

    3. Indeed, I tried making an incremental increase for attributes, but it was sooo difficult to get a balance, I kept to the original point system.
      Oddly, it still seems to make for a more balanced game!

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed! Getting a kill from the front with a 6 pounder is so rare, it is typical of our games. When something is unlikely, it seems to come up very often!
      Go figure!!!!